19 March 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Alfred Hitchcock is behind this somehow.  
There are birds, and they are somehow after Falcon Peak.

I get in my car one day about a week ago, and notice there's this brown gunk all over my passenger side rearview mirror. At first I thought it was blown seeds or something, then realize it is bird crap. I go "Ewwww, gross. Dumb birds." And yet, I can't help wonder...why is the crap so localized? There's lots of it, and it's ONLY on my rearview mirror.

Then I walk out to my car today, and I notice there is a sparrow sitting on that same rearview mirror. It keeps hopping around my window, peering in and pecking at the glass. Said sparrow does not fly out of the way until I'm actually very close to it. And even then, it only flies to the nearby bushes, as if it's just annoyed that I disturbed it doing something very important.

o_o; So apparently, small birds want something that is INSIDE MY CAR. Or something about the passenger side is just fascinating to them. I don't know what, but whatever it is, that's just weird.

SPEAKING OF WINGED THINGS. I took some pictures of my sculpture! I show them here, along with the explanation stuff that I also posted on dA:

Sculpture pics inside )

Drawing: Lots of animation for character timing. Gonna scan that in a bit, too...

Writing: Nothing.
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