27 July 2008 @ 09:37 pm
San Diego Comic Con '08!  
Yes, I just got back from the con a few hours ago, but I'm going to go ahead and do my report on it now, because I know otherwise I won't do it later because school and things and eating of my face and dkjklfjakl.

Reader's Digest Version:

Con was awesome! Very busy and crowded all the time, bought waaay too much stuff, met some fine folks, did several panels, and all around had a good time. Already looking forward to next year!

And now the long version:

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

But I had such a great time hanging with everyone at the con, and was happy for the chance to go! :D

And here is my final list of OMG Totally Awesome Things That I Purchased While At Con:

List of Merch Obtained )

AND THAT WAS MY COMIC CON FOR THIS YEAR. All in all, pretty well-balanced and smooth going. :D Thank you, San Diego, for another good weekend!

AND NOW I'M OFF TO GO CRAWL INTO BED OR EAT A SNACK OR SOMETHING. sdfjafkjkal I have to go work at school tomorrow and I don't even want to think about that. ;_;
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05 April 2008 @ 10:32 am
[ profile] gaelic_bohemian and [ profile] corrielle, I've registered for Comic Con now and you're both under my name. I'll forward you the email with your confirmation numbers and such; they'll need to be printed out and brought with you. I also think you need to be with me when you register? Em, you owe me money for your ticket in particular. I don't know how much the normal passes are, but it may not have been as discounted as you hoped. :/ Anyways! Got that settled for this July, woot! And I am planning to attend all four days and preview night; I'm just going to end up skipping whatever school then.

Completely unrelated: Does anyone out there have audio clips of all the various lawyers' versions of "OBJECTION!" from Phoenix Wright, or do you know where those could be downloaded? (Preferably not in a Windows-exclusive file type, but I can deal with it.) I wanted to try a bit of dialogue animation just for fun, and thought it'd be fun to do see what character I can get from PW's various OBJECTION!s. Probably would not do it for characters like Apollo and Klavier, though, since I haven't played Apollo Justice and don't really know their characters well.

Even more completely unrelated: I had a disturbing dream last night, but while I was having it, I kind of felt like I was participating in an old 80's horror movie and therefore somehow knew what was going to happen next, yet I couldn't stop it. D: Something about a stilted neighbor wanting to kill off all of my friends and family through various methods, but at the same time providing each person with one tool or object they could supposedly use to thwart their death, but only if they were smart enough to recognize when and how to use it. Case in point: I received snake venom antidote, but was also delivered this big poisonous snake that I was trying to wrestle into submission. DX I guess an antidote is kind of cheating, but apparently the killer liked me best. Either way, the whole feel and look to the dream was really unsettling.

Actually related: It's really sad when GOOGLE makes a better spellcheck than Microsoft Word does.
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