04 December 2007 @ 07:19 pm
Rubber ducky, you're the one...  
While I didn't get two done like I'd been hoping, there is a new Lunargyros page, nonetheless. Woot!

I would do that pairing meme if, uh, I had enough serious pairings to do it with. D: SO INSTEAD. I finished my final for the Animation and Visual Effects class! AND HERE IT IS:

Had to make it really low-res in order to fit on YouTube; the original file is more than 100 MB. This is the first time I've ever really animated anything with Maya, or at least something that was longer than a second, and with an actual character, story, and sound effects. (Although the squeaking is a bit too loud.) Nothing amazing, but hey! It's my first time doing this, and I'm just happy it's done!

And the music is from the Ducktales movie, ironically. XD

I also rigged lion!Sora's head, with a hair system and everything, OH YEAH. Pretty much the only thing remaining would be some extra controls on the paws, and figuring out how the necklace would work. I probably won't bother skinning him until next term; maybe then we'll learn rigid binds and I'll know how to actually make him work. Still didn't get Maya working on my home comp, so it's not like I can work on him at home. So if you do want any more refs, ASK ME BEFORE SUNDAY. I probably can't get them during winter break, which means no use of Maya and no KH2 model refs until January.

I defied my crippling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and worked on my Poly 2 final for six hours or something today. As a result, my UVs are DONE. HELLS. YEAH. Maybe I'll post that model tomorrow. BUT GEEZ I AM SO GLAD THE UVs ARE DONE YAY YAY.

So basically all I have left to do is organize my Poly 2 stuff, do one more Kinematics rig (which I'll try and do tomorrow) and then just revising and organizing stuff for my analog courses (and figuring out who the heck I'm gonna be for Acting class.) In short, I AM RAWKIN AT TIME MANAGEMENT FOR FINALS.

Ohgod my poor CTS'd hand...
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