28 August 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Fishie fishie fishie  
It's ridiculously hot around here, and since I have no AC and my parents were kind enough to offer me a few bucks while they were out, I went out to a movie on my own. Specifically, I went to go see Ponyo (need to also see District 9, but I don't really wanna see that one by myself), and it was almost out of theaters.

I don't think it was Miyazaki's best movie, but it was a really sweet, gentle story! I think Disney sort of over-advertised it, since they're in the habit of hyping out their movies as much as they can. Not surprising; this method usually works for them. But Ponyo wasn't really an epic movie at was just a cute story about a boy and his goldfish. And it was good just that way. I don't know if the story was entirely cohesive -it'd probably be better if I watch it a second time, since that happened to me with Spirited Away, too- but like all Miyazaki movies, it was very human characters in a very impossible environment.

I think what I liked best about this movie was the art. It looked like everything was designed by a kid: not entirely to scale, but all very soft, flowing edges, bright and happy colors. And everything seemed to move as if it were made out of bubbles or rubber. Like a kid, this movie wasn't in any real goes at its own pace, savoring all the little moments like a kid likes to. I can see why Lassiter and the Pixar guys are excited about it: if I were an animator sick of working long hours and feeling like my creativity was drained dry, this is the sort of movie I would pop in to calm me down and get inspiration flowing again.

Also, all the previews made me glee. The more I see of Where The Wild Things Are, the more I want to see that film. It looks gorgeous. *_*

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