18 August 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Jam-packed full of schtuff today  




I felt like drawing all the eeveelutions in a Claire Wendling style. So, I did!

Circle of Eevees )

Day 17 - Memento )

Day 18 - Memoirs of a Geisha )

There's also two new Lunargyros pages, read 'em here.

Drawing: Still LG and fanart

Writing: Stuck on the RP for now

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06 June 2010 @ 10:34 am
Nerdy nerd nerd  
AAAAAAAAAAND AT LAST, I have completely finished the National Pokedex in Platinum! Everything has been seen and caught! I ACTUALLY HAVE CAUGHT 'EM ALL, WOOOOO

Also, another chapter of the DI fic has been posted, read it here.

Aaaah I wish I was going to E3 so I could see all the KH shininess.

Otherwise, I think I'm finally starting to get over this persistent least, I really hope so. Although I'm starting to wonder if that Claritin I took is having an effect on me...I feel overly-awake, a little jittery, and my heartbeat is up. 8(

I feel like doing another art request post all of a sudden. So, the first five people to comment can request any animal, creature, character (fandom or original) to be done in the sort of color-cutout style used in this picture. Just the first five only since those thingies can take awhile to do.

Drawing: Bunches of LG

Writing: Aaaand still workin' on it

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03 June 2010 @ 04:13 pm

I am like thiiiis close to getting a fully complete national Pokedex! However, I am in need of two leaf stones so that I can evolve some things I have to full evolutions that I'm missing! So I'm wondering: anyone out there happen to have two extra leaf stones on them that they'd be willing to trade? I'll give you most anything you'd want in return. Just poke me here or on IM. XD

Otherwise...still sick, still trying to get over it. Work faster immune system!

Drawing: Not sure what to work on next, actually...

Writing: Still on that chapter

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14 May 2010 @ 08:09 am
Not sure if want  
Not sure how I feel about the three new Pokemon starters for Pokemon Black/White. The fire pig and the water otter are very cute, to be sure. But how come the grass starter is always a reptile? C'mon, make the grass starter a mammal or a bird or something for once! Shaymin proves it can be done! Also, a part of me was secretly hoping they'd do something other than fire/water/grass for starters (maybe fighting/psychic/dark?) but I guess it shouldn't surprise me that they did the usual.

And I'm really not sure how to feel about the fact that Pixar canceled Newt...and apparently in favor of making sure Cars 2 came out on time, or because they're instead putting effort into a Monsters Inc. 2. Not that I would mind an MI2 since Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and not that I didn't already know about Cars 2, but I was really looking forward to Newt! It seemed like such a cute, funny, original idea. (And it was going to be directed by the guy who directed Lifted, which was a hilarious short!) I know they focus on good storytelling, but at this point, their upcoming sequels outnumber their upcoming original films, and that worries me. I know Cars is one of Lasseter's pet projects, but it probably was one of their weaker ones story-wise, and it's really hard to ignore the fact that Cars is their most lucrative cash cow of all time.

Pixar, I've championed you for over 15 years, since I first saw Toy Story in the theaters as a wee bitty. Please don't let me down now. :(

Drawing: More storyboards for Scratch, some gift arts, some fanart, more LG

Writing: More on the chapter

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14 April 2010 @ 06:35 pm
He crashed, then shot himself!  

I've completed about five gyms in HeartGold now, but the steel gym is proving difficult, so I need to stop and explore/train my team some more before I go on. I also need to transfer over some stuff from Platinum (although I still need a shiny stone so that I can evolve my togetic!) and eventually transfer over my Normal team once I beat the elite four. Want my Normal team to get some action beyond just srs bzns training!

Also, I'll give out my HG friend code to anyone that wants to trade/battle with me! o/

But mostly I've been spending my day working on art project stuff, (not Scratch and the Tooth Troll), which is still proving frustrating. However, the rewards should be worth the frustration.

I think maybe I need to start doing stretches in the morning, or...I dunno, yoga, or something. I've got this horrible pain in my back now, and I've had it since yesterday. It kept me up all night. DX I probably need to be more flexible.

Drawing: Storyboards, storyboards and more. Commissions I'll have to start on next week.

Writing: Fic

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14 March 2010 @ 04:21 pm
Not commentary for once  
NNNNNNGH daylight savings has mucked me up good. I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I should have. I went in to do life drawing today but I wasn't happy with anything that I did, to the point where I just started doodling random critters because I felt so un-draw-able.

So I also tried to work on that Kipper model, only the computer was being unbearably slow, and then after doing an export/import of the armor and making some adjustments, I realized that I had lost all of those beautiful UVs that I spent forever on gaaaaaah! So I don't know if I'm even going to bother texturing it. If that's the case, it might be done as is:

Kipper and Bo )

ONE good point, though, I found my missing black bag with the paints in it! Hooray! I would seriously have cried if I lost all of those paints and brushes.

Also, I really want to go get HeartGold, but I don't feel at all justified buying it when I just got FFXIII and I have so much stuff to do otherwise. 8( So I guess I'll have to wait on the shiny new Pokemons, sob.

Don't like having the drawing dumps, soooo I think it's time for another request thread:
Ask me to draw anything or anyone at all, and I will. The only catch is that I will draw it on the same page as everything else requested here, and post that page when it's full (or when I run out of requests.) And I reserve the right to refuse a request and ask that you try again. Other than that, anything can be asked for!

Drawing: Just what I can, need to do lots more...

Writing: Still slow progress

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29 June 2009 @ 06:59 pm
Continued dorkery  
Yesterday was my little brother's birthday party, so he had a bunch of friends over. Also, he had angel food cake and pound cake because he insisted he didn't want any frosting. For some reason I find this very strange.

My Disney mission continues onwards! I'm on to Pete's Dragon now, which seems to be at the tail end of a series of mostly-live-action films peppered with some animation that they did in the 70s. For one thing, it's reminded me that Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a really boring movie.

It seems like Disney hit another good stride in the 50s -with stuff like Cinderella and Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp, which was all a big jump in quality from the stuff after wartime- and then around Jungle Book and onwards they hit this stretch where Disney ran out of time and money and just started copying over all of their animation. They pretty much reused all of Baloo's animation as Little John in Robin Hood anyway. A bunch of the movies from this time have these...I dunno, parts in them that always frightened or unsettled me when I was a kid.

And also, [ profile] dorkage is made of COOLNESS AND AWESOME since she traded a bunch of Japan-event-only legendary Pokemon to me, along with some master balls to catch other legendaries in Platinum! :D So now I just need to go capture Palika and Dialga and I'll have all the Platinum legendaries. \o/ But THAAANK YOU [ profile] dorkage!

It seems like a bunch of the flist is in need of hugs lately. D: So, I drew a kitty and a puppy.


This puppy and kitty is for you, flist!

Drawing: Still bunch more LG pages.

Writing: Taaagz
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27 June 2009 @ 05:38 pm
Not those kind of white castles  
The past few days I've been on a crazy mission to watch all of the Disney animated movies (main ones, not sequels or stand-alone shorts) in order. It's actually been kind of interesting watching things in chronological order, and seeing how the movies change over the decades...when they were first starting out, it seemed to be much more about experimentation of the medium, what with the big jumps in discoveries from Snow White to Fantasia. I also found it interesting how these movies had some of the saddest moments in Disney films total...Snow White's 'death,' Pinocchio's 'death,' Dumbo missing his mother, and Bambi's mother dying? All of these movies had rather lengthy mourning scenes, and all in succession. They really weren't afraid to depress the audience back then.

And then we hit the war years, where all the animators either got drafted or were working on propaganda, so all of the "movies" released during this time and afterwards were just collections of shorts. (Or else they were movies directed at South and Latin America in a discrete effort to keep the Nazis out.) While some of them have gone on as classic shorts (Peter and the Wolf, Mickey and the Beanstalk), it's amazing how many shorts released during and after the war years followed a very general idea: very happy musical shorts, often high on the romance, and also often big on decrying modernization and the ills of mechanized society. You can tell that these were made as escapism during a really bad time for the country, cut in with the patriotism (and occasional racism and sexism) of the propaganda shorts.

I also finally watched Song of the South, since some brave soul had it up on YouTube and I guess I happened to catch it before Disney removed it. And while I can see why Disney just likes to pretend it doesn't exist, in the grand scheme of things it didn't seem that much worse than Gone With The Wind, which is widely considered a classic. :|a I actually found the animal characters more offensive than the human ones, yet we still keep Splash Mountain running. Although that may be because fans would throw a fit if they ever got rid of Splash Mountain, too.

And now I'm in the 1950s -finished Peter Pan, with Lady and the Tramp and Sleeping Beauty coming up next- and it'll be interesting to see what trends are in those movies in the 50s and 60s. :O (For some reason I never realized that Lady and the Tramp was released in the 50s.)

I've also been spending a lot of time in Pokemon Platinum, and now I'm trying to train a team that I can catch the legendaries with, since they all keep running away from me and I'm missing them. :P Of course, this is ending up to be pretty time-consuming, as I also need to train them to be faster than those legendaries.

Drawing: Whole bunch of compositions, and also LG pages that I still need to get ahead on.

Writing: Things here and there.
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