19 May 2011 @ 01:38 pm
Here's the new Lunargyros page (sheesh I keep being behind on posting these here), but yeah, it's up here.

Had phone interview yesterday and I think it went well enough! I am waiting to receive an art test, since that's the next step. Despite the scary parts (mostly the moving part), I'm...really really hoping that this job works out. ;o; At least from the phone interview, it sounds like a really nice setup, and a good way to have some long-term work. So...please hatch, little egg!

In the meanwhile, going to be up super-ultra-late for the midnight premiere of Pirates at El Capitan! 8D Heading out there with [ profile] yamikonumber7, [ profile] corrielle, Rae and others! I am teh excite. XD El Capitan + Disney soda fountain is always a lot of fun, enough to lose sleep over it.

Ooof, I've got a big backlog of waking-up drawings to heeeere we go:

Under-covers drawings 55-60 )
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25 May 2007 @ 11:29 am
Saw Pirates last night at the El Capitan, hells yes. :D It's so worth paying quadruple the price for the tickets there, because the seats were really good, we got free snacks, and all the cosplayers and decorations and the organ player were just awesome. :D Wish I could've won one of the prizes, though. I really could've used that Nintendo DS Lite. And the theater wasn't far from my school, so I totally found the freeway again with little hassle. Go me!


In no real SPOILERY order )

Drawing: Next doujin page, ahoy!

Writing: Waiting on the rest for my group project.
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