02 May 2008 @ 09:42 am
'Nother studio tour  
So yesterday I got up early again for another studio tour! (Wow, we've done two in one term already...) This one was for Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank (the one really close to Disney), which I'd just been to recently, but not for an actual tour-like thing. XD; Since we had a pretty big group, we got the full presentation/breakfast/packet of info/run-down on Nickelodeon's workings. It seems like the network is in such a different state now that Klasky Csupo has pretty much fallen off the face of the planet, but maybe that's just because I'm remembering the shows I grew up with. Regardless, it looks like it'd be a fun place to work! Very bright and colorful, wacky architecture, and of course everyone was very friendly. Our tour was kind of whirlwind all over the place, so we didn't get to stop and observe all that much. One of the things that made me AWWWUH was the walls they had completely decked out with fanart...I saw a wall for Danny Phantom, and a wall for Avatar (they also had Fire Nation banners over the Avatar workstations). Man, I still need to watch Avatar. :/ (Also, I am really pathetic, as when they were showing off their Dora spinoff "Go, Diego, Go!" I kept sitting there wondering SO HAS ANYONE DONE A PARODY OF THAT WITH GODOT YET.)

They actually spent a lot of time talking about pitching new show ideas (I guess because someone asked), but I found it interesting that if you pitch a show, it's creator-owned, and you're expected to run your own show if it's picked up, instead of just handing it off to other directors and producers. They've got both 2D and 3D in-house work, although all of the animation is still done overseas. They were doing the modeling and texturing overseas too, until they realized that it wasn't worth the money saved. Since they take portfolios, maybe I'll try applying around the end of this year. o_o

So that was enjoyable! (And urk, I need to go write my thank-you letter for that before I forget...) Ooootherwise...urgh, why is matchmoving so stressful. D: It's like all of the most technically-dependent yet artistically tricky aspects of CG stuffed together, and it's ALSO what comprises most CG work. Adkjasklda, I'd rather stick with pre-production or animation, thanks! And I haven't even been doing most of the work on this project because I'm the group's failmember. DX

Drawing: The usual stuff, plus I'm still getting the urge to speedpaint, and I've started making a 3D model of the Wolf Spider, because everyone seems to like him and say he'd made a good 3D model for reel stuff. So! Starting that.

Writing: Little.
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