23 August 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Isn't kidnapping Santa a federal offense?  
LOOKY LOOKY LOOKY at long last, I have a brand new shiny layout! It is the shiniest ever!

[ profile] lynxgriffin [ profile] lynxgriffin [ profile] lynxgriffin

It was made for me by [ profile] purapea! Because she makes awesome stuff! :D

Also yesterday I spent helping [ profile] yamikonumber7 move apartments. It was a hot hot day, so we tired quickly, but prevailed nonetheless. There were brownies and pizza and hilarious moments involved, so that's always good.

I got another egg today. I am really hoping this one hatches.

Day 22 - A Streetcar Named Desire )

Day 23 - Donnie Darko )
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08 July 2008 @ 09:24 am
My my it's July  
New Lunargyros page is up today! o/

Saturday I went and helped out dudes at the Ranch move everything to their new house. ...Although I guess now it'll no longer be the Ranch, and it'll need a new name! :O Gotta think of a good name for places! Anyways, I was exhausted by the end of the day because I'm a noodley nerdy wuss, but it was great to see the new place! A lot bigger than the old one, with two floors, and a pool! :D I just wish it wasn't farther away. But I still need to get myself a new swimsuit yuck.

Speaking of: Rei, Em, Kel or Neko...anyone wanna go see Wall-E with me? I still have to see it again, and my family already went...

And speaking of speaking of, Ali was amazing and got a Wall-E plushie for me! ♥♥ MADE OF ADORABLE THAAAAANK YOU!

Back to school again today; I can tell this term's gonna keep me extremely busy. I worked all day the 4th and saw, um, two fireworks while at a stoplight on the way home? :D; Also, there were some fires pretty close to Malibu again...a lot of the hills along Malibu Canyon are all crispy-black now and smell like fireplace, ugh. D: My heart goes out to the Cali-areas still having fires.

Drawing: Need to be doing more arts in general. There's a lot of fanart that I want to draw, but I guess I need to focus on school-related stuff first...

Writing: Etc.
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14 June 2007 @ 08:31 pm
Movin' Along  
Well, starting tomorrow morning at 10:00 I'll be moving the rest of my really big stuff (bed, computer, bookshelf, etc.) back to my parents' place. So you probably won't see me online much, if at all. At least until I can set up my room how I want it and reconnect the internets. Hopefully by tomorrow night? We'll have to see.

I am torn between that kind of excitement you get from getting to start fresh and rearrange my room again all clean and new how I like it, and just wanting to break down and cry.

Also, a bit of a question: I am looking to buy a new TV. This will be my first ever TV that I have owned; as I've never had my own TV growing up. It doesn't have to be huge or anything, (in fact, smaller is better) but I want something flat-screen and digital, and with a decent warranty so that it'll last me awhile. Cheaper is better, but we're going to be cutting down the price anyway because we're getting it wholesale.

So: can anyone recommend some good TVs to start looking at? Or specifically a good brand? Something that's reliable, obviously. I'm not all that hip on this whole shopping-for-appliances thing, and I want to get a new TV ASAP! Any help's appreciated!

Drawing: Finished another doujin page; sketches, etc. Also, my final for VisComm went over well!

Writing: 24 chapters sporked! Also, am finally working on MWWBK again! I want to finish this chapter...
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