12 October 2008 @ 06:00 pm
Sail on  
First and most important of all~


And now, some 3D arts under the cut:

This cut, precisely )

I dunno how I'm going to put up the stuff I've been doing in my life drawing classes, since it's all either yucky-unfinished, or on extra-large paper, or usually both. Oh well, I'll figure it out.
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11 May 2008 @ 09:34 am
Good Things, Bad Things  
Good things!

- OMG, our kitchen is pretty much done! Or at least, we now have a sink, an oven, a microwave and everything! No more eating out of plastic dishware...we can actually do things like MAKE RAMEN YAY. Dudes who live should come over and see it; it actually looks really nice now. :O
- So on Friday I went to hang at the Ranch and it was funtimes! Hugs for all there! Also played a bunch of Brawl with [ profile] chobit001, both versus each other and in co-op battles. (We attempted the boss battle run, but died, le sigh.) Aside from my usual of arsekicking as Yoshi (he's improved in Brawl, yaaay!) I've discovered I'm moderately decent at Lucario.
- Then afterwards, [ profile] lady_entropy17 and I went to a late-night showing of Iron Man! :D I won't do a full-on review or anything, but I will say that it was awesome! Snappy dialogue, great characters, an "awww" romance that didn't feel forced or overdone, droolworthy special effects and badass action scenes. Definitely worth the arm and a leg ticket price that SoCal theaters charge! (And yes, I stayed through the credits. ;D)

Bad things!

- Uuugh, getting so frustrated with Matchmoving and Dynamics. (And Lighting a little, but not quite as frustrated as those other two). It seems like even just small little preset things will trip me up on an easy assignment, and then I just get fed up with fighting Maya and want to leave my homeworks crappy and unpolished. I really don't want to go mess with Boujou again with our re-imported footage. X(
EDIT: Apparently Boujou doesn't want to mess with ME, either, as there is a big **LICENSING ERROR** on every computer I've tried! :Db
- My right hand has seriously been getting a bunch of CTS pain lately. D: Coldness and pain in my knuckles, which is never a good sign. I think I need to try putting the brace back on, and also take a day off as another NO COMPUTER DAY. Probably will make it a Disneyland trip with buddies.
- And yet, I've got a ton of art I've promised people that I need to do... ;_;

Drawing: Whole crapload, as usual. But I'll be getting another round of character design homeworks today, soooo...

Writing: Just some RPness. (Wolf, srsly, stop being ADORABLE.)
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23 February 2008 @ 12:21 pm
*insert obscenities here*  
I open my character animation project to do some work. And lo and behold, what do I get?


And do I have an ASCII version of it? OF COURSE NOT! Which means I get to redo hours' worth of animation! OH JOY AND RAPTURE AND SUNSHINE AND PONIES.

So much for getting home at a decent hour tonight.
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08 December 2007 @ 05:36 pm
Everyone expects the finals imagedump  
...Maybe! I'm pretty much done with my Poly and Kinematics work, so here's some of it. Everyone else seems to be pulling all-nighters and cramming, and it's making me start to wonder if I'm Doin it Wrong. D: Shouldn't I be struggling to finish all my projects, too? I feel like I'm being lazy and not finishing everything to the best of my ability, or forgetting important things, I dunno. I just know I really hate doing things at the last minute, almost as much as I hate all-nighters, so I avoid them as much as possible. >_>

Here's some stuff anyways. )

Also, I rawked at my Visual Structure pitch today, and I didn't even practice it. YAY! I better get a good grade in that class, 'cause I worked hard at everything, and maybe some of these things I can develop further later for portfolio-ness. Will probably picdump my entire story for that tomorrow; too much to do right now.

Also also, last night I watched The Polar Express on TV with my family. HOLY CRAP that movie was creepy as all get out. No wonder it kind of tanked at the box office. It's like a living, breathing example of Why the Uncanny Valley Is Not Your Friend. I pretty much spent the entire time either lawling at the movie or snarking at it, and this is coming from someone who adored the original book and its illustrator.

Drawing: Really need to tone the next LG page; I'm behind...

Writing: That pitch for today, and caaaards.
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04 December 2007 @ 07:19 pm
Rubber ducky, you're the one...  
While I didn't get two done like I'd been hoping, there is a new Lunargyros page, nonetheless. Woot!

I would do that pairing meme if, uh, I had enough serious pairings to do it with. D: SO INSTEAD. I finished my final for the Animation and Visual Effects class! AND HERE IT IS:

Had to make it really low-res in order to fit on YouTube; the original file is more than 100 MB. This is the first time I've ever really animated anything with Maya, or at least something that was longer than a second, and with an actual character, story, and sound effects. (Although the squeaking is a bit too loud.) Nothing amazing, but hey! It's my first time doing this, and I'm just happy it's done!

And the music is from the Ducktales movie, ironically. XD

I also rigged lion!Sora's head, with a hair system and everything, OH YEAH. Pretty much the only thing remaining would be some extra controls on the paws, and figuring out how the necklace would work. I probably won't bother skinning him until next term; maybe then we'll learn rigid binds and I'll know how to actually make him work. Still didn't get Maya working on my home comp, so it's not like I can work on him at home. So if you do want any more refs, ASK ME BEFORE SUNDAY. I probably can't get them during winter break, which means no use of Maya and no KH2 model refs until January.

I defied my crippling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and worked on my Poly 2 final for six hours or something today. As a result, my UVs are DONE. HELLS. YEAH. Maybe I'll post that model tomorrow. BUT GEEZ I AM SO GLAD THE UVs ARE DONE YAY YAY.

So basically all I have left to do is organize my Poly 2 stuff, do one more Kinematics rig (which I'll try and do tomorrow) and then just revising and organizing stuff for my analog courses (and figuring out who the heck I'm gonna be for Acting class.) In short, I AM RAWKIN AT TIME MANAGEMENT FOR FINALS.

Ohgod my poor CTS'd hand...
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27 November 2007 @ 07:46 pm
Now for something completely different  
...'Cause I don't want the rantiness as my top entry anymore. And it's the first time I've ever gotten more than 50 comments on a personal journal entry?! I dunno how I feel about that...

Two new Lunargyros pages today, biznatches. I want to try and get two done for next week, too, but this week and the next is crunch time. D: I need to render out my animation scenes so that I can put them together in AfterEffects, and find sound effects still! And then my poly 2 teacher sent us this hugeass long email on everything that's required for the final project and my model still looks like CRUD and everything has to be labeled properly and mapping UVs is gonna suck and SJAKJDASKLjdakl98rew0. And all I'd rather do is play with rigging.

Speaking of, have some silliness. )

People at the Ranch: plz to be letting me know your Christmas lists soon? ;_;

Drawing: Stuff.

Writing: Non-stuff.
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26 November 2007 @ 10:25 pm
Look! An opinion, and I'm expressing it!  
Dear most of the people/comm members posting KHFFR secrets to fandomsecrets:

KHFFR is not the government. It has no power to censor you. If you're too terrified to express an opposing or dissenting opinion on the comm, the only person to blame for that is you.

If you're too terrified to post some art or fic you did for fun on the internets because some group of elitist jerks you've never even met might think it sucks, the only person to blame for that is you.

Seriously, just...WOW. I'm kind of amazed.
~ Lynx

P.S. Heh, tomorrow watch me really regret posting this. :P

In better fandom-y stuff, I did a second attempt at rigging Lion!Sora during class! :D I'm glad I did, as the teacher showed me a special IK solver that specifically works for animal legs, which was much easier than trying to figure out why the four or five IK handles I was using looked totally wrong. So his tail, spine, shoulders and hips all work. Not sure yet, but I probably need to go back in and add more handles to the paws. And the head needs all the work done to it. Also, skinning will still be a pain in the ass. BUT! Much more progress than last time!

Also, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sucks.

Drawing: LG pages, ahoy!

Writing: Nothing.
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21 November 2007 @ 09:19 am
Hey, remember those models from froreverago?  
What's this? A new Lunargyros page? Shocking! ...Only not!

And OMG, AJ was an awesome thing on Monday and gave me a ton more of the models from KH2:FM! *_* My list of characters now includes:
- KH1!Ansem with familiar
- DiZ and Ansem the Wise
- Auron and his sword
- Multiple variations of Riku, including Rikunort
- Multiple variations of Kairi
- Multiple variations of Sora (mostly his drive forms, including Antiform and Limit Form :D)
- Multiple variations of Roxas, including Anti-Roxas
- Multiple variations of Donald, Goofy and Mickey (sadly, Merperson, old-timey, Halloween, Pride Lands and Tron forms are not among them)
- All members of the Organization, including Organization models with the hood up and multiple variations of Xemnas
- Cloud, Leon and Namine
- Pretty much every Keyblade in the whole game
- ...And Terra. XD

So if any one ever needs a costume or Keyblade ref for fanart or cosplay, I can get you a solid all-angles reference! :D They'd probably be sent over AIM or flocked entries, though, as AJ gave me these in good faith and I want to respect his wishes to not spread them blindly all over the internets. Also, he showed me the lighting setting needed to take away that faceted polygonal look, so they actually look like the in-game models. Very badass!

And I started it before and didn't finish, but I think I have enough knowledge from classes now to go back and attempt to rig the models again. It'd still have to be certain ones, though, like Terra or Lion!Sora...the clothes and the way they're modeled onto the characters still pose a real problem for me, so right now I can only use models where that isn't an issue. Which is pretty much all of them. D: But I can try and use the hair systems we learned on hair, and since we just started to cover blend shapes on faces...facial animation FTW?!!

Either way, what I really need to do first is get Maya working on my home computer. Then I'll actually be able to think about attempting playing with stuff. :P

Otherwise, tomorrow and Friday I'll be with family for Thanksgiving goodness, and as they don't really have a functioning internet, I'll be away from the internets until Saturday. Don't really give a crap about shopping on Black Friday, but maybe I can convince people to go see Enchanted with me. Probably not my cousins (all boys, heh...), but my aunt and mom might want to see it.

Drawing: Comics, comics, comics...

Writing: Nothing except occasional LG script.
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17 October 2007 @ 04:48 pm
I hate Lab Two.  
There's a double Lunargyros update from yesterday! :D And since I was thinking about it, a bit of rambling:

I've seen a few people totally having fun in the comments for started with just humorous "what-if" jabs at the characters/situations, but now I've actually even got the readers having their OCs/self-inserts interacting with my characters in comments...even hitting on them! I took me a bit to realize it, but I've got the teeniest beginnings of what amounts to a self-insert trying to sweet-talk my characters!

And yet, somehow, my reaction is 10% disturbed, and 90% amusement. I'm shocked by how little I care about fans kind of having their say in "fanfic," as it were (although that's not exactly what it is) and that some of it might start to fall into the categories I commonly associate with "badfic." or "crack." (I am generally not a fan of crack...) Instead, I just find myself amused, entertained, or thrilled that people are enjoying the story enough to want to interact with my characters. Maybe it's because I am just excited for the attention, or because I have some kind of peace of mind knowing the characters are under my ultimate control, and that no matter what people do, they'll always appear as a certain way to me? I don't know what it is. But I just know (even if I don't say so out loud all the time) I get lots more defensive about the characters for fandoms I'm in...I get super-steamed at character bashing, will go on the mockery offensive with badfic/badart, and will definitely get defensive about pairings I love/hate. But with actually making the characters? I feel a whole lot more laid back about how people treat characters that, ultimately, belong to me!

It's so weird looking at things from the creator's perspective as well as the fan, and I'm kind of surprised that I'm less uptight about my creations than I am someone else's! Has this happened to anyone else? Have you looked at how someone interpreted a character differently depending on whether you were its creator or its fan?

Speaking of characters, here's some modeling progress. )

So this afternoon pretty much fails at productivity. DX At least I got that other friggin' page toned. I'm going to go walk to Panda Express and get orange chicken before acting class now...

Drawing: Got a storyboard and Harry Potter homework to do tomorrow; finished toning a page this morning... @_@

Writing: Nuttin' much.
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30 September 2007 @ 11:47 am
Model madness (but not really)  
Since I think one or two people asked, here's a height comparison for Sora, Riku and Kairi using those models:

Screenshots inside )

Had our first Visual Structure class yesterday, and it looks like I'm actually going to enjoy that's essentially a world-building and story design class. XD Just gotta pick my story!...

In slightly less geeky times, I hung with [ profile] sir_snarksalot most of the day on Friday and painted one of the walls in her band classroom. I painted some scales down the length of the wall and different kinds of notes above that. Those kinds of things always take longer than you assume, so it probably took five to six hours from start to finish. I was still sore on Saturday from all that painting concentration! But despite this, it was fun, as [ profile] sir_snarksalot and I just chilled and talked about jobs, education, Disney movies, KH, whathaveyou while we worked. XD I hope her students like it!

Drawing: The usual, but homeworks are comin' up fast...

Writing: Finished some sporking, otherwise, more notes.
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26 September 2007 @ 10:21 am
Axel, it doesn't bend like that!  
New Lunargyros page is new. Even though that doujin is coming slowly, at least this continues on!

So I spent most of my labtime yesterday playing with the KH models. ♥ I am chalking it up to an educational experience, since I AM learning things! I put the textures back on all of them (not certain if I have all of the transparency maps right) and tried rigging Axel with a skeleton. :D The basic skeleton actually works okay (he's so dang skinny it doesn't seem like he needs to skin much!) But I think I need to redo the skeleton to include ANYTHING that moves, such as his clothes, hood, drawstrings, and all those big hair spikes. Because as it stands now, the model keeps trying to assign itself to the wrong joints...when I move his shoulder, parts of his hair move with it, and when I bend his knees, his knees go right through the coat. XD;

I think what I will try to do first is animate Kairi petting lion!Sora entirely for the cuteness factor 'cause it's something simple and can use both a biped and a quadruped...also, lion!Sora has no clothes to get in the way, and Kairi's clothes are not that intrusive since she's got so little on anyway... Except since we only just started class and just did a simple biped skeleton, I don't know where the root joint goes on a quadruped. I'm guessing it's the chest.

It would be great to learn how to do a facial rig since all the models HAVE the full faces with separate eyes/mouth/eyebrows, except I don't know if we're even going to cover that, since face rigging and animating is supposed to be very hard. D: Eeeeek!

AND ALSO. Zexion came with Lexicon! :D So if any dudes/cosplayers/fanartists out there want the EXACT cover design as it appears on both the front and back of the Lexicon, I can share. :D

OMG, NEW SCANS FOR BIRTH BY SLEEP. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. ♥ I am so thrilled for this game I can barely keep the squee contained! Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella worlds = YES. Three playable scenarios/characters = VERY YES. Terra being more hot with every picture = DAMN YES. VEN, WHY YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE ROXAS IS HURTS?! And where is Aqua already?!
I'm even starting to warm up to 358/2 Days now. XD I'm still a little wary, and BbS is my first game choice, but if I can survive the fandom crap I think I could actually enjoy playing the Org game but let us play as the CoM members too, plz?

(Okay, I promise I'll stop with the video game geeking out...some day. Probably. But hey, everyone else is probably geeking themselves silly over Halo 3 just coming out, so I'M ALLOWED TO DO THIS TOO, K.)

Otherwise, I have three classes down, four to go! Character kinematics actually looks like it's going to be fun, if not very fast-paced. But I'm so happy we're finally getting around to making things move! Digital video essentials was a whole lot of technical jargon, which I suppose will be useful in the future (maybe now I'll know how to program a VCR or something?) Knowing all those different formats and aspect ratios is always useful when trying to make something look good. I just need to think of a good idea for that final project in Match-Moving two terms from now, and that will be the hard part... I was thinking something using stop-motion with my action figures, but that might be too difficult since it's all still image and not actual video. Or else I could do something fun with my dog or the cats, but that requires hoping that animals will act the way you plan them to, and I'm no animal trainer...
Our animation teacher was very much of the surfer dude mentality, and while fun to listen to, he had a habit of going off on random tangents about whatever...we really didn't get to the bouncing ball assignment until the last half hour of class. XD; And this is yet another class that requires some kind of short film final project...I was thinking of doing something with a rubber ducky. (Apparently we're supposed to steer clear of full characters, for simplicity reasons).

And we haven't even gotten to Production Design II or Visual Structure yet! O_O Definitely looks to be another busy term!

Drawing: Back to work on the next comic pages!

Writing: Many school notes...
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25 September 2007 @ 01:38 pm
More model-y goodness. :D  
I finally got the character models for Sora, Lion!Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, Auron, Zexion and Axel. And all of them came with a FMV animate-able face. :D

And this term I am going to be learning character rigging and some skinning. For homework we already had to rig and do basic skins on a model. :D


(As soon as I stick the textures back on all of them.)

(...And, uh, overcome my dorkish fear of totally rigging/skinning the models wrong and screwing them up beyond repair. :D;)
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12 September 2007 @ 06:57 pm
"I'm the leading man."  
New Lunargyros page from yesterday, yo. The Mean Girls are baaack! (And [ profile] corrielle, I pimped your reading material. XD)

Yesterday our class also went to EA for lunch. It turns out that we didn't get to see much of the actual offices, because they were holding some kind of gaming conference and apparently we weren't allowed in the area we wanted to tour. D: Dang! I may or may not return for the "other" tour next week. Either way, we ate lunch in their cafeteria (pretty good food for a reasonable price!) and wandered around the lounge, the gift shop and the outdoor areas. They had a bunch of video games up for playage (mostly Golf and their Medal of Honor series) and people spent a lot of time in the gift shop buying new and just-released games for cheap. None of their games really interested me (most were for XBox anyway, which I don't own,) so I didn't buy anything. Except they had a Fawkes plushie and a plushie of the Monster Book of Monsters from Prisoner of Azkaban, so I wanted those. XD;

The grounds also included a fountain to relax by, a gym where you can play video games while on the treadmill (BEST IDEA EVAR) and a volleyball pit and soccer field. Holy cow, those EA guys are sitting pretty! I totally want to work someplace that knows to treat its employees as more than hunks of meat. Haha, yeah, good luck with that.

Also, our teacher's six-year-old son was awful cute. ♥

And since we just had our last surface modeling class, the model for the Strahl is OFFICIALLY DONE:

And it's under here! )

Otherwise...gettin' up early tomorrow to take some operator shifts and make a smidge of monies. Just like old times!

Drawing: Next LG page, plus I've got a commish and two of those meme-arts I should start on. @_@

Writing: Sporkings when possible; haven't for awhile.
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09 September 2007 @ 07:14 pm
Hi again.  
Yes, so I finished the Strahl this afternoon. I redid the stuff I lost much faster, either because I already knew what to do and could do it fast, or because I was pissed off and rushing it, or maybe both. Either way, it is at last DOOOOONE! YEY. *flop* I'll post it and do an actual celebratory-type post after the teacher looks at it on Wednesday, since then I'll be able to fix any small things I may not be aware needed fixing until a teacher actually looks at it. If I get a good response from the finished product, I do want to try and texture it. Mayhaps something that's actually 3D to put in my portfolio?

...The back of my chair just fell off. D:



Technically, it is not my car; it once again belongs to parents. I will just be its primary driver. When I snag a job that can pay for carthings, it will be up to me to either purchase the car from the parents, or else buy a new one.

We got a white 2004 Ford Focus! It's got four doors and about 63,000 miles on it already. A little bit noisy and the CD player was giving me issues today, but still is love! The thing accelerates LEIKWOAH. I've never driven a car that could reach 70 within seconds of getting on the freeway! I'll probably have to be careful not to speed in it, since the car feels so peppy and natural going at fast speeds. And the handling on it is great! Just after driving it today, I already felt really comfortable doing both the freeway and the canyon. It's got a better sense of gravity than the Civic, too, since I noticed hardly anything slid around on the seats while I was taking large turns.

So because it is white, has great maneuverability and can reach Berserk Mode in good time, I have named my car Falcon Peak.
Yes, I named my car after a gummi ship. Quiet. :P

Drawing: More life drawing today.

Writing: Will spork in a bit!
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09 September 2007 @ 02:02 pm
...I just got smacked upside the head with a Maya User's Worst Nightmare:


I lost the last FOUR HOURS of work I did on the Strahl! Now I have to completely redo the bottom half of the main piece and a bunch of the smaller pieces! DX AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHH WRRRYYYY. MAYA YOU SUCK. I WAS THIS CLOSE TO BEING COMPLETELY DONE!

*trudges back to start over on bottom hull*

Tiny note to self: Go me for saving multiple files of the entire project. Otherwise, the entire model would be gone and I would've lost weeks' worth of work. ALWAYS DO THIS IN THE FUTURE, KTHX.


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28 July 2007 @ 10:47 pm
So I went on Thursday, and I got my new TV and DVD player! :DDD Weee! I have never had my own such appliances in my own room before, so they're very shiny! The TV is a 23-inch flatscreen with HD capabilities, and the DVD player (while small and cheap) has them, too. :3 It took quite a bit of setting up, and at first I couldn't get the DVD player to work, but now it seems both the PS2 and DVD player work great. I don't have actual TV itself, as I have no cable yet, but oh well. I care more about the DVD player and PS2, anyway, and the cable will probably come later.

So today in class we watched the 10-minute demo and trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4, as this was actually educational and relevant to the lesson. I love that video games are educational now for making video games, anyway. And Snake puked after rolling around in a barrel and felt better after looking at pr0n, lawls. But actually, the textures were really preeeetty and dynamic and you could do crazy-ass stuff in that game. It was rather intimidating.

And then the teacher goes and mentions how we're going to have a homework assignment in a week or two to texture a full game environment. Whichever three students do the best environments get FRECKING PAID INTERNSHIPS AT EA. sadaskldjalklk.
I'll try my best, but the chances of me getting a PAID INTERNSHIP WHUT are veeery slim, considering there are many people in that class who can model and texture environments faster and better and prettier than me. And that just reminded me of that feeling that I'm still running just to keep up with all my assignments...I'm keeping pace, but not really excelling at anything. It's so frustrating...maybe just because most of my life I've been so used to doing really well with not much effort, and now I'm working so hard and just coming up mediocre in comparison.

Uuugh, I don't even know, maybe I'm just overanalyzing. It's bizarre because I finished (mostly) my texture homework and was all YAY I UNDERSTAND THIS AND IT LOOKS GREAT, but now I just feel average at all of it. -_-

Talking of video games, I played a bunch more FFXII: beat Hell Wyrm (THAT ONLY TOOK ALMOST TWO HOURS, WEEE) and am currently trying to survive the three rings of hell that are the basement levels of Pharos. It's really sad that the friggin' bosses in this area are not as awful as the FRIGGIN TOADS AND HORSES that wander around the main hall. I have to flee every time I step out into the stupid hall, otherwise I AM MAULED AND THEN DEAD BY. DAMN. TOADS.

Either way, I'd much rather play FFXII on my shiiiiiny new TV than worry about schoolwork, but I just don't have the time...

Drawing: Finished the commission, need to do animation homework ASAP.

Writing: More on fic today.
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25 July 2007 @ 10:17 pm
Transform this homework dump  
There's a new Lunargyros page from Tuesday, it's here!

Also, I finally saw 'Transformers' on Monday night with cool dudes [ profile] sir_snarksalot and [ profile] xanmuse. I never watched the TV shows when I was little, so the most I knew of it was a few names here and there. That said, I thought it was terrific fun and everyone should go see it. :D I was glad they kept the dialogue cheesy and appropriate to the characters...none of this GIANT TRANSFORMING ALIEN ROBOTS ARE SRS BZNS junk to muck up a good summer movie. I ♥'d just about everything Bumblebee did (stop torturing him, noooo!) and the transformations were just hella awesome every time they did them. Definitely no skimping on those. My heart goes out to those effects animators.

Speaking of, here's another homework dump, of 3D stuff that is most likely not nearly as cool as Optimus Prime:

Various renders be here )

Finally, everyone who's going to Comic Con: HAVE FUN Y'HEAR?

Drawing: Worked on next LG page; loooots and lots to do tomorrow.

Writing: Nothing spectacular at the moment.
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23 May 2007 @ 06:00 pm
Don't need to paint it that way  
Well, after three hours of lab, I'm feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I was just feeling frustrated and hopeless, but today I came in and just worked and, knowing some of the stuff that had to be pointed out to me yesterday, I got a lot done on the two pieces for my model. They still look like crud compared to most everyone elses' amazingly-textured works of art, but at least now there's textures on them!

Here's the pyramid portion of it:

Under here )

I got my schedule for the next term on Monday...ewww, it's a rather sucky schedule! D: Probably suckier for others, but still kinda blehh:

Monday - (OFF)
Tuesday - Lab from 1:00-4:00, Texture Mapping II from 4:00-7:00, and Poly Modeling I from 7:00-10:00. Yes, that is a solid nine hours. D:
Wednesday - Lab from 1:00-4:00, Surface Modeling from 4:00-7:00
Thursday - (OFF)
Friday - (OFF)
Saturday - Creating 2D Textures from 9:00-12:00, History and Principles of Animation from 1:00-4:00
Sunday - Production Design I from 9:00-12:00.

....So that's early morning classes on both Saturday AND Sunday. 8D;; Ohhh joy!

After feeling blargs yesterday, [ profile] gaelic_bohemian offered for us to go see Shrek 3 together, and so we did! ♥ I don't have any huge spoiler-ific thoughts on the was enjoyable and fun to watch; and naturally funny in all kinds of places. It kinda left me with the same feeling as Spiderman 3: fun, but not as talk-about-it-for-hours-afterwards-exciting as the first Shrek or first Spiderman was. Seeing Shrek 3 did make me want to go back and rewatch the first one, though. And those dragonkeys were so cute; I want a plushie of one.

Huh, while watching Shrek, it occured to me that the way Dreamworks and Pixar do their CG animation is quite different. Dreamworks characters tend to move like rubber bands: pull back for a long pause, then snapping into the action really fast. And Pixar characters move more like a slinky: a bit of a smoother motion from one place to another, but slower. Funny how I never noticed that before.

Drawing: Gonna tone the next LG page now. :3

Writing: More on that group project.
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18 April 2007 @ 11:43 am
Yup, it's that time of week again: new Lunargyros page is There! I still need to go back and fix whatever is wrong with the images in the gallery. DX

Friggin!... I'm supposed to be texturing fruit for homework in Texture Mapping 1. And apparently I suck at it, because I can't get anything to look the way it does in references. Like, I can't get a specific color to go stay on the bump map specifically, and layered shaders are still not making sense, and asjdaks this probably makes no sense to anyone else, either.

The peach is the only thing I'm remotely pleased with so far:

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And it's still not quite how I'd prefer it. The orange and banana and grapes just suck. jsadkadla It's only the third week and already I don't understand things ARGH. I'm doomed... (Or just need to ask people all the time how to do anything...)

Drawing: Finished a commission, hopefully will at least start the other tonight, then tone the next LG page...

Writing: 11 chapters sporked. :O
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11 April 2007 @ 10:13 am
More homework  
First and foremost, new Lunargyros page yesterday! And I think the gallery stuff I tried to add my not have worked, aw crap!

More 3D stuff, wee. I only post it because it's all so new and shiny to me. XD

You'll be a bust, be a bust, be a bust, in the hall of faaaaaame! )

Okay, now back to other homeworks...

Drawing: Need to tone the next Lunargyros page, and I took on two commissions. askdjakl

Writing: 'Nother chapter sporked!
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