30 May 2008 @ 09:32 am
Trains of thought  
I saw a coyote crossing the road on the drive home yesterday! :O Surprisingly enough, I've never seen any coyotes in all my time living here, although I knew there were a bunch around. It was dark and at first I thought it was a fawn since I see deer around all the time, but was confused that a fawn would be wandering around without mommy and daddy deer nearby. But nope, it was a coyote! Oooooooohs.

Ryune and Teg? Sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to spork this Saturday night after all. D: Since we've missed two digital painting classes, we're making up one of them this Saturday night, so I'm staying late at school. Sunday evening's good for me, though.

I need to make some new business cards, especially for Comic Con in July. I want to make them interesting and not-generic, though. I was thinking of putting the orange juice comic on the back of them. Do dudes think that this would be a good thing to put on them? Just trying to think of something a little silly and memorable, since ultimately I guess the point of business cards is to help people remember you. o_o (The comic might be too big for a business card, though...)

Also, I don't have too many thoughts on the new "contracts" that Tokyopop has started issuing for their manga pilot program, except that...well, I'm fairly glad now that the book deal I was looking into didn't go anywhere, and that I went back to school instead. D: Because seriously, WTF, TP. You looked so appealing when I was first doing RSOM, and I'm GLAD that I entered the contest four times, but now you go and treat your creators like this! Not at alllllllll cool.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow), [ profile] bewilde!

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