11 August 2007 @ 07:24 pm
I suppose I should say what's goin' on...  
Since it's just a plethora of random stuff. Okay!

Regarding LJ crap:
I am now sad that I renewed my paid account recently. I won't be doing so in the future.
I actually wasn't caring much about the new Strikethrough crap, although it was irksome. I thought it was stupid for LJ to permaban two artists for HP pr0ns, especially since one of the artists even I recognized. But hey, LJ is a private company, they make their rules, blah blah blah.

But after seeing the fallout from this? That's where LJ lost me. And one of the LJ staff saying that proana communities actually help people with anorexia? The hell with that. I see no reason why a company that thinks drawn pr0n of fictional characters is a bannable offense, while communities that actually harm real living people are a-o-kay, should get another cent of my money.

I'll miss my shiny icons. But I can live without shiny icons. That five bucks can go towards my lunches or something. I'm not planning on leaving LJ, and nor do I want to, as all my friends are here. But getting a mirror account at GreatestJournal or InsaneJournal to crosspost stuff is looking better and better all the time.

And I don't really want to say any more on that, because it's the unfunny kind of wank. On to better things!

Regarding moar Siggraph:
Meng took a bunch of photos of Siggraph so I totally stole borrowed a few I thought I could share:

Picture cut the first )

Picture cut the second )

Regarding whatever:
- So I rewatched "The 10th Kingdom" yesterday while working on whatever, and oh man, I'd forgotten how awesome that miniseries was! I adore Wolf. I need to draw fanarts of him sometime. And also, because I was feeling nostalgic, I downloaded the 10th Kingdom soundtrack. XD Thank you, iTunes store!

- OMG. So, for our surface modeling class, we have to choose something to do for our final project: considering surface modeling is not that easy with organic things, a vehicle, car, boat or ship of some kind is preferred. I wanted to do Marluxia's giant Nobody ship from CoM, but I couldn't find any good references for it, and modeling is a pain without references. I was resigning myself to having to find something with better refs to do. I was lamenting this fact with one of my classmates during animation today, and she goes, "Well hey, AJ's ripped all of the models and textures from KH2. You should ask him if you can screencap some ortho views of the ship."
Me: 8D
SO YES. This dude, has, apparently, ALL models and textures from KH2: Final Mix as .objs! At the very least, I'll hopefully get the orthographic views of MARLUXIA'S GIANTARSE SHIP from Re:CoM for my final project for surface modeling. And if the models really are .objs, and able to open in ZBrush, that means they may be exportable to Maya. Where I can play. WITH THE ACTUAL KH2 MODELS. 8D
(In all likelihood, I won't be able to do more than get my ortho refs, as computers have a way of screwing people over. BUT STILL. JUST THE POSSIBILITY. OOOMG. ♥)

- [ profile] bettinamarie, I want to draw you some My Cat Loki fanart for the next MCL book! If that's okay!

Drawing: Various Lunargyros stuff, revised storyboards, and more.

Writing: Pretty much done with huge sporking! Nearly done with this last chapter of fic, too.
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