17 September 2007 @ 08:33 am
Another life drawing dump  
Did my make-up class for Production Design I yesterday, so I thought I'd do another dump of all the bizarre stuff we do during life drawing. I think I may keep going to the class next term, even if it is early Sunday morning, just because I rarely do this kind of freeform stuff on my own, and it'd probably be good for my artist soul.

Work warning! Nude drawings under the cut! )

Been tackling my FFXII game again lately, and AGH, SO CLOSE TO SATISFYING MY COMPLETIONIST SELF. X) I finally found that friggin' Behemoth King and beat him! I also finally found that stupid Vagrant Soul rare monster in Pharos; now I just need to find the Luxollid (which was missing for some reason...)

So now I just need the Luxollid, two humanoids, Zodiark, Omega Mark XII and Yiazmat, and my bestiary will be COMPLETE. MWAHAHAHAHA.

Drawing: Many comic pages to do, another giftart to start...

Writing: Nuttin'.
Current Mood: kinda bored
Current Music: OK Go - Here It Goes Again