07 September 2011 @ 05:32 pm
Oh yeah there's this journal thing  
Oooof, it's been awhile since I've posted, hasn't it? I've been crazy-busy with stuff lately, mostly 10-hour work days, arting, and starting up [ profile] itsjustagamerp! Which, by the way, has been going really well so far! My fellow mods rock all the socks ever, and players thusfar have been funny and interested! :D So, I hope this keeps up...I've got all this stuff planned for the game that I can't wait to get to!

In the meanwhile, I'm just going to do an LP and art dump, because I'm honestly too tired and hot to think about talking about anything else.

Two more episodes of Kia and I's KH2 LP is up! [ profile] bouncy_erbear, you're in the latest one!

Here's the characters I've done for the All Hearts project:

All Hearts - Bambi, Dumbo and Chicken Little )
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31 August 2011 @ 06:49 pm
Before I run off...  

Also, new job has started, and I'm slowly getting used to the new schedule. |D It is still weird getting home to sleep when parents are off leaving for their work. But, hopefully I'm doing all the logging right and getting it done quickly enough. :O The main tough part is how...slow some parts of it can be, especially super late at night.

Here's another episode of Kia and I's KH2 LP!

And here's the next few characters for All Hearts!

All Hearts - Retro Pete and Retro Mickey )

And finally, the latest waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 156-159 )

Drawing: All Hearts characters, random doodles

Writing: Few tags
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27 August 2011 @ 03:14 pm
In the sweatbox  
Another reminder: It's Just A Game opens a week from now, so get your apps in! Aaaaaa I am excited! *runs around*

Aaaand on the job front...I now have a job, at least for a month or two, starting up on Monday! I'll be at the same place that Famira is currently at, and all in all it looks like it'll be interesting! Not an art job, but still in the industry. The only part that is making me nervous is that it runs from 8PM to 6AM every night...and I'm not really a night owl. |D So I'm going to have to completely readjust my sleep schedule in order to be able to do this. Hopefully I can be successful. It is really good to have work tho, at least for a little while!

Now on to the usual update things... There's a new episode of Kia and I's LP up!

And for more Kingdom Hearts stuff, I've completed 2 out of 236 of the characters for all Hearts:

All Hearts - Clara Cluck and Clarabelle Cow )

Here are the latest waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 153-155 )

Drawing: All hearts, more fanart stuff, practice

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16 August 2011 @ 11:14 am
Where is August going?!  
Aaaah, apps for It's Just A Game coming up!...

And speaking of games, this past weekend I went and finished 'Ghost Trick' for the DS, since [ profile] universejuice and [ profile] ggmoonycrisco kept insisting that I play it. XD

Aaaand frankly, I enjoyed it a lot! Would totally recommend this for anyone owning a DS! For one thing, the sprite animation was really great; some smooth stuff that looked awesome. It says something when you can totally tell what a character is like just from their silhouette, and not even being able to see their facial expression. All the characters were fun, with complex histories and motivations. And some of them were even sooooo cute! *looks pointedly at Missile* XD It's a fun puzzle-solving game, and for the most part I was able to solve all the puzzles through trial and error. There were a couple that I had to look up online, especially if they were puzzles that involved split-second timing (like helping Jowd escape from prison).

And oh man, I'm a sucker for time paradox stories, but even here the ending time paradoxes kinda made my head spin. XD And I was really not expecting the ending, with them explaining who Sissel really was. I think I may need to play through it again to catch all the little hints here and there about it, because apparently there's a ton of hints throughout as to Sissel's true identity.

So this game! I need to do some fanart for it, although it'll probably be spoilery. XD

Two more episodes of Kia and I's Kingdom Hearts 2 LP are up!

And there's a bunch of new waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 141-144 )

Including a color version of one of them:

Rock Paper Scissors )

Drawing: This, still more practice, need to do a commission today

Writing: Tags and such!
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09 August 2011 @ 11:24 am
One (or many) steps at a time  
Eesh, another late update...I've been really busy working on a new storyboard, but it's done now! I may post it later...

Also went and saw 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' this last Friday! No spoilers on it, but I greatly enjoyed it and would recommend it! The science behind everything probably isn't that sound, but oh well, it was still a fun story. You really ended up sympathizing with Ceaser and the other apes. Plus, I do like the original 'Planet of the Apes,' and they have a lot of callbacks to that movie. (It was better than the Tim Burton remake, anyway.)

Got a whole buncha new episodes of the Kingdom Hearts 2 LP up now!

And a whole buncha new waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 134-137 ) yeah, this is it. This is the final Lunargyros update. Like, the last pages ever. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT IT IS ACTUALLY DONE NOW, AND IS ALL UP. How did this ending come up so soon?!

I'm also going to post a thank-you message for tomorrow, plus info on getting a print version will be up when I finally have it worked out! SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, THERE WILL BE MORE INFO ON THAT IN THE FUTURE!

Drawing: Soooo many boards plus practice and other things

Writing: Tags, transcribing, game planning
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05 August 2011 @ 09:26 am
Playing catch-up  
Ooof, in case you can't tell, I've been really busy lately and have not bothered to update here because of it. T_T I'm trying to get more storyboards done (hopefully) by the end of the week, so that's eating up much of my time, plus working and other things.

So while I don't have as much stuff of current goings-on to share, here's your basic updates:

Buncha new episodes for [ profile] yamikonumber7 and I's Kingdom Hearts 2 LP!

A whole bunch of waking-up drawings!

Under-covers drawings 128-133 )

And some new Lunargyros pages! I...holy crap, look how far along they are. @_____@

Drawing: Storyboards, future fanarts and future portfolio stuff

Writing: Tags, game prep and transcribing
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30 July 2011 @ 10:41 am
Designated art and video dump  
And catching up on art and LP stuff to post...from here on out things are going to get crazy-busy, or at least consistently busy, as I've got all this stuff I want to get done this month! @_@

Newest LG pages are here! Lunargyros has been updating all the time I was gone, and the other pages are up right now for free, so if you want to catch up, now is the time.

There are two new episodes of Kia and I's Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 up now!

Also, I think I forgot to post this before I left, but I've completed a Pinkie Pie watercolor fanart!

Tower of cupcakes )

And finally, all of the latest waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 121-127 )

Drawing: About to do more boards, plus commissions

Writing: Game planning stuffes!
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17 July 2011 @ 02:48 pm
First year of marriage is always the most psychotic  
It's mah birthday today, woot! ...And sadly, I am spending it alone, at work, trying desperately to fight off a cold. |D I REALLY cannot afford to get sick right now, because I've got awesome dudes coming over and Comic Con and Disneyland all coming up this week! So hopefully gallons of water and orange juice will be my savior...

Got to have a nice dinner with family on Friday, in which I got some awesome cupcakes and cool presents! :D In this case, Tarzan on DVD, Beauty and the Beast on Blu Ray, some monies and Twizzlers! And will hang out with friends on Tuesday for more birthdayness! Just really, really, REALLY want to be better by then, so...*urges white blood cells to fight harder* T_T

OH also, I think on Tuesday we're seeing the 8:10 showing of Harry Potter at the Agoura Hills Regency theater, FYI to friends!

Two new Lunargyros pages are up from Friday!

Episode 12 of Kia and I's Kingdom Hearts 2 LP is up for viewage!

And here's a bunch more waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 117-120 )

Drawing: Some watercolor fanarts

Writing: Tags and transcribing/game planning
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13 July 2011 @ 10:37 pm
OH MAN COMIC CON COMIN' UP SOONLIKE. Been really busy lately with all sorts of things, but at least I got the bulk of errand-running done today! Still need to update my website, print off LG samples and do room-cleaning, but a lot of stuff is done.

Also did our intern group project presentation today...nerve-wracking as all pitches + roasts are, but I think we came out of it with some good feedback. At least dudes liked the boards I did!

And reeeeeeally not looking to battling Carmageddon on Saturday morning. |D But it must be done, and at least my parents promised me a coffee for my troubles.

Now per the usual, just a bunch of stuff to share:

There's two new Lunargyros pages up for your readability!

And here is episode 10 of Kia and I's Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2!

Some more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 114-116 )

Aaaand also did an Okami fanart!

Sun and Son )

Drawing: Got a small commish I need to do; may do another fanart watercolor this weekend...

Writing: Lotsa game planning, plus tags
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10 July 2011 @ 06:32 pm
Almost wasn't mellow there  
Oh man Comic Con is coming up reeeeeeeally soon...and the schedule is up, too! I've compiled a list of the panels I want to go to! It's highly unlikely that I'll get to all of these (especially since some overlap), so this is more a list of "stuff I'm interested in and want to try to get to."

Schedule under the cut )

So some fun things, and some stuff that'll hopefully help me with boarding or figuring out how best to publish LG, I think. |D I dunno if anyone else will want to go with me to most of my panels, except for probably the late-night ones like Star Wars, the Masquerade and Rifftrax Live.

Here's the newest episode of Kia and I's Kingdom Hearts 2 LP!

Catching up on posting some more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 109-113 )

Drawings: Finished boards, and finished painting a fanart which I'll post tomorrow...

Writing: Tags and game plannings
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08 July 2011 @ 01:06 pm
Birthday plans and wish list  
SO FOR BIRTHDAY THINGIES. Decided I want to do stuff on Tuesday the 19th! We will go out to see the final Harry Potter movie later in the evening and it shall be fun! The rest of the time we shall spend just hanging out about the house and being awesome, possibly with ordering pizza (or making it if I'm feeling ambitious enough, but probably ordering out for it.) Also, anyone who is driving down to Comic Con with me can stay the night at my place, since Comic Con is immediately the day after and it'll be easier to all leave from one location rather than having to meet up on Wednesday. We'll also figure out car stuff then. So YES! If you know me and have that Tuesday free and would like to come, then please come!

Also, since some dudes asked for it, here is my birthday wish list:
- Monies for Comic Con
- "Ghost Trick" for the DS
- Pokemon Black OR White for the DS
- New sketchbooks
- Any new drawing pens (especially brush pens)
- Any Disney movies or collections I don't own (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Atlantis, etc.)
- Any MST3K boxsets I don't own (MST3K: The Movie, Gamera boxset, XVIII, etc.)
- Candies I like (Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, etc.)

This is also the same list I gave my parents, so, yeah. |D Rather short.

And for all others, here's episode eight of Kia and I's Let's Play KH2:

OH and before I forget: also two new pages of Lunargyros are up today!

Drawing: Storyboards for the intern project aaaaa

Writing: Tags and lotsa game planning aaaaaaa
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05 July 2011 @ 11:29 pm
So little time  
Nnnnnngh I'm in a totally distracted mood ATM since I'm trying to figure out how to do our group project for our internship. This is proving more difficult than originally thought (in part because of a somewhat unnecessary time limit, and lack of communication...)

Also in the process of trying to plan out everything that I need to do before/during Comic Con (WHICH IS SUPER FRIGGIN' SOON AAAAAAH) I am trying to decide what I want to do for my birthday! Unfortunately, the only days I can pretty much, uh, do anything at all are Monday night the 18th, or Tuesday night the 19th after [ profile] bouncy_erbear arrives. SO, ANYONE WHO LIVES CLOSE TO ME AND WANTS TO COME, I HAS QUESTIONS:

- What day is best for you, the 18th or the 19th?
- I am considering either just a party at my house hanging out with good food and watching movies/ponies/whatever, or going out to go see Harry Potter since that will be coming out the previous Friday and I really wanna see it! Would you rather just come hang for something relaxing, or go out to the movies?

SPEAKING OF, EM AND RAE: We need to plan our Comic Con driving/packing/parking situations! Call or text me?

Okay, as per usual, I have Lunargyros and LP and art things for all...

First, two new pages in Lunargyros are up today!

Second, we've actually gotten up two new episodes of the KH2 LP! Since they're in smaller chunks, they're easier to watch, anyway:

And finally, some new waking-up drawings, plus a color version of an older one...

Under-covers drawings 106-108, plus more )

Drawing: Boards and thumbnails and watercolors

Writing: Tags and game plannings
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02 July 2011 @ 05:39 pm
I'll win a Tony one day  
There's another Lunargyros page up! And speaking of...

Thoughts on finishing Lunargyros )

Okay, aside from that musing...

Here's the next episode of Kia and I's Let's Play! From now on we're going to start dividing them into smaller chapters and posting them more frequently; should make things easier on everyone.

A couple new waking-up drawings are here...

Under-covers drawings 103-105 )

And finally, [ profile] teg_plays_games coerced me into drawing this. @_@

My Little Nuckelavee )

Drawing: Thumbnails for project, self-motivation project-thing

Writing: Tags, transcribings and more...
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29 June 2011 @ 09:40 pm
Oh me of little brain  
Once again, two new Lunargyros pages are up and readable here.

I've actually finished drawing all of Lunargyros, but my brain's a little too fried to reflect on that right now. I may write about finishing LG later, if my brain ever does get that in order.

Aaah my life is an up-and-down of possible-maybe-we'll see projects and job and man IDEK. Once again, really hoping that some things will work out; it'd be so nice to have some solid work.

OKAY I dunno what else to do that's serious, so it's time for FUN THINGS. First off, the next episode of Kia and I's Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 is now up!

And of course, some more waking-up drawings are up...I've now officially passed the 100 mark. @_@ I feel like I should put these in a book or something. But is that something people would actually be interested in getting?

Under-covers drawings 100-102 )

Now, I'm going to go watch the newest Suburban Knights...

Drawing: A series of commission things, people practice

Writing: Tags of fun, transcribing, and even some more reindeer story
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20 June 2011 @ 12:40 pm
I want this "You" situation taken care of  
So before I get to anything else, I have an important question for comics-friends on my flist, especially people who've published before, since I know there's some awesome artists here who've done that before...

I'm getting really close to finishing up Lunargyros. Like, just a couple of pages left to draw (even if I've still got a lot more to post.) So I really want to try and find a print publisher for it! I've tried out a couple of places, but not gotten really far thusfar. Either contract problems or just no interest. So I wanted to ask: does anyone know of a good company to go to that would be willing to publish something like Lunargyros, probably in two or three books? It's going to be 350 pages total, plus whatever supplemental stuff I want to add. And obviously Tokyopop isn't going to work out now...

Or that failing, I know a few people have self-published! What's a good print-on-demand company that you can recommend, especially for books that large? I heard Ka-Blam is pretty decent? How do you usually go about promoting/selling self-published comics, aside from at cons and online? (I don't think I can afford a table at SDCC unless I shared with many people...maybe Anime LA would work better...) Any thoughts are welcome!

Last night for Father's Day we went out and saw X-Men First Class, and it was highly enjoyable! :D Would totally recommend dudes go see it! It was definitely better than the third one or Wolverine, anyway...

Some spoilers in here )

And finally, we have up another episode of our Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2!

We'll record more tonight, and hopefully it'll go well! /o/

Drawing: LG, need to do some more practice stuff

Writing: Tags
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19 June 2011 @ 04:49 pm
Well she did ask for the mermaid cut  
There's two new Lunargyros pages up from Friday, you can read 'em here.

SO. [ profile] yamikonumber7 and I started in on another project. XD We'd thought of doing this for awhile, and finally decided to go ahead with it:

So now you know for certain that I sound like a total doof. XD This is our first try at an LP, so there's still kinks to work out...mostly fixing the video so it's not doing that interlacing thing, and the audio so it's not layered. Any suggestions on improvement are welcome! We shall have future parts going up soon...

I've been doing some more realism practice at internship, when I have the time. Still aways to go (and still wish I had my brushes) but practice makes perfect an' all:

One painting )

Also, at least last time I had the internship I was able to actually contribute to a project! It was a small contribution, but it was something nonetheless!

And finally, latest waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 88-92 )

Drawing: Buncha LG, some practice

Writing: Tags all over the plaaaace
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16 March 2007 @ 08:19 pm
This post has been rated GUS for Generally Un-Safe  
Only one week left of my job, weee! Then I am so totally out of this receptionist crap. Instead, I'll be killing myself with texture mapping crap! Oh yeah!

Okay, finally scanned the bad Lunargyros sketches:

WARNING! There are sorta-kinda spoilers for Lunargyros in here! )

Today I suddenly started thinking about a bunch of the old Disney cartoons I used to watch when I was little: I distinctly remember 'Lambert the Sheepish Lion,' 'Johnny Fedora and Betty Blue Bonnet,' 'Little Toot,' 'Susie the Little Blue Coupe' and 'Trick or Treat.' I want to watch these old cartoons so bad now. Does anyone know where I can find them? I would totally buy a DVD of some of them. I have so many fond memories of 'Lambert the Sheepish Lion' and 'Little Toot' especially; they were some of the first cartoons from my childhood. ♥


THIS is about the cutest and most adorable thing I have ever seen, and it is now going to be my background. I seriously spent about an hour just squeeing over this picture because it is that awesome. And the best part: it's an official picture for Final Mix! THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME, CANON ♥

I need to go attempt gummi missions again since Reb gave me some blueprints that she said got her S + 9 and S + 10 on some missions! Maybe then I can find that Golden Phoenix that I've STILL been missing.

But now, I am going to go run to the store and then play FFXII until my brain rots. XD

Drawing: Plowing ahead! Gonna spend a lot of time tomorrow drawing, methinks. (Aside from taxes, eww.)

Writing: On chapter 13 of the fic!
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