07 December 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Playing that old game  
EESH it's been awhile since I've updated here, hasn't it? ONCE AGAIN. I think it's mostly because I've just ended up being really busy either in [ profile] itsjustagamerp, or in evenings either working on art or putzing around with games. BUT, here is my small update:

I've been interviewing for a job that would require me to move, but it would be important enough that it'd be worth the move! I am in the middle of the waiting game now to hear back on the next step, which is the worst part, aaaaah. I'll probably say more on it once I know for sure, but people on Plurk know some about it, so yeah. |D I am crossing my fingers.

Sophie is getting more and more used to the house! She especially likes to stay up in my room, probably because sometimes I'm the only one home, and also because my room is squishy and filled with stuff she can lean up against.

There was probably something else I was going to say, but I can't remember now, so here's the usual dump of LP and art!

New episode of Kia and I's LP is up!

Seven more characters for All Hearts:

All Hearts - Gopher, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Owl, Alice and Card Soldier )

And a whole crapton of waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 241-252 )

Drawing: Just All Hearts and my own work now; commissions are stalled...

Writing: Amazing tags
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19 October 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Some bad, mostly sharing things  
Well, there's one bad thing, but then a whole buncha stuff to share!

The job I was at apparently is ending early for me...well, later than they initially estimated, but still earlier than I was thinking with all the work there is still left to do on the show. But the executive producers are changing things up and going down from four loggers to two, so...this week is my last. :( I am going to miss the steady paycheck...

The silver lining on this is that at least I now have the time to get all that commission work done, since there's a lot of that and I don't know if I could have finished it all otherwise.

And now, lotsa stuff to share!

The commercial intern project that I worked on while at Zoic is now up, and you can see it right here! I did the storyboards/animatics for the project, and the rest of the team did all that awesome modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, etc. YAAY it's nice to see it done!

Also, today I got a proof copy of Lunargyros! YAAAAAY! Just some quickie webcam pics of it:


Here's another episode of Kia and I's Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2...

And here's some more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 201-206 )

Drawing: Commission work when I can do it, mostly thumbs and boards

Writing: Tags and more
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31 August 2011 @ 06:49 pm
Before I run off...  

Also, new job has started, and I'm slowly getting used to the new schedule. |D It is still weird getting home to sleep when parents are off leaving for their work. But, hopefully I'm doing all the logging right and getting it done quickly enough. :O The main tough part is how...slow some parts of it can be, especially super late at night.

Here's another episode of Kia and I's KH2 LP!

And here's the next few characters for All Hearts!

All Hearts - Retro Pete and Retro Mickey )

And finally, the latest waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 156-159 )

Drawing: All Hearts characters, random doodles

Writing: Few tags
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27 August 2011 @ 03:14 pm
In the sweatbox  
Another reminder: It's Just A Game opens a week from now, so get your apps in! Aaaaaa I am excited! *runs around*

Aaaand on the job front...I now have a job, at least for a month or two, starting up on Monday! I'll be at the same place that Famira is currently at, and all in all it looks like it'll be interesting! Not an art job, but still in the industry. The only part that is making me nervous is that it runs from 8PM to 6AM every night...and I'm not really a night owl. |D So I'm going to have to completely readjust my sleep schedule in order to be able to do this. Hopefully I can be successful. It is really good to have work tho, at least for a little while!

Now on to the usual update things... There's a new episode of Kia and I's LP up!

And for more Kingdom Hearts stuff, I've completed 2 out of 236 of the characters for all Hearts:

All Hearts - Clara Cluck and Clarabelle Cow )

Here are the latest waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 153-155 )

Drawing: All hearts, more fanart stuff, practice

Writing: Tags
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04 June 2011 @ 01:26 pm
A series of unfortunate events  
Newest Lunargyros pages are from Friday, and there's two of them available here. I have now officially finished thumbnailing the rest of LG, so I know how many pages are left to do. It's...a really, really weird feeling. @____@

Nnnnngh this has really not been the best of weeks...especially yesterday. X( After all that art test work, I found out that the egg didn't hatch. I was really counting on this one, too, and am more than a little disappointed. Just...for once, I'd like ONE of these eggs to hatch. I've got a full basket of unhatched ones and it's more than a little discouraging.

Yesterday at internship was really busy, which normally is fine, but about half of that time I spent battling LA traffic. I went to go pick up some massive-heavy camera equipment, but couldn't find the place at first because the address was wrong, had to wait forever for them to get the equipment together, had a bunch of communication snafus to make sure I actually had everything, and then when I attempted to return to the studio I tried to reverse the directions to get there and ended up going in a huge circle. It took me like an extra hour or so to finally fumble around until I found the nearest freeway and go from there. This was after a day of mostly cleaning and moving around stuff for their Sunday event.

Aaaand on top of all that, I'm pretty sure I have (or am getting) an ear infection. XC My balance is off and I'll get this world-spinning sensation, particularly when I'm lying in bed or twisting my head to the side. I've also got this pressure in my sinus and throat, and now my ears are starting to hurt on occasion. So this probably means spending money on a doctor's visit (thanks useless insurance), and maybe antibiotics or something. Suck suck suuuuuuck. XP

At least tomorrow should be better, since it's time for another Disneyland trip! We're planning to go on both Star Tours and The Little Mermaid since they just opened/reopened, plus lunch reserved at Blue Bayou. 8D So many goooood things. And since I have a shiny smart phone now, I can do posties about it from Disneyland itself!

Finally, here's a bunch of waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 74-77 )

Drawing: Just lots of LG

Writing: Tags and transcribing
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25 May 2011 @ 11:38 pm
*Needs to update on time more*  
*FLOPS* Not much to report currently...I finished the art test I was working on today, and need to send it on tomorrow. Hope hope hope I will hear back on it soooooon *crosses fingers* I think I did pretty well with both pieces, and I wish I could post them here. I also got to play around with a fun new (free!) software that I did not even know existed, and I may try using it more in the future, because I can see it being useful for many things...particularly for cityscapes or just buildings in general. Otherwise, I've mostly been busy at the internship, at work or working on LG.

Speaking of, there's a new page of it up; you can read it here.

I'm starting to crave some new KH news...can we hear more about KH3D at E3 maybe, please?

Also, at MST3K night tonight, we ended up watching the movie 'Clue' (yes, based on the board game) which I had not seen before. It was actually a lot of LOL! I now get where the "flames on the side of my face" line comes from!

I also seem to be suffering from some strange...brain effects, but I dunno whether it's anything serious or not... ><

And ALSO speaking of strange brain things, here's a catching-up of waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 64-68 )

While hanging around the internship, I also ended up doodling a bunch of reindeer. Not very good doodles, sob, but hopefully at least a bit fun:

Reindeer being silly )

Drawing: Finished art test and all commish stuff, lots of LG, various sketches...

Writing: Transcribing and tags
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21 May 2011 @ 02:52 pm
Arrrrrrrt me mateys  
The newest Lunargyros page is up here! Yay for somewhat announcing it here on time! 8Db

Pirates on Thursday night was a bunch of fun! Hung out with friends at the soda fountain before the movie started, where I shared the pin traders sundae with Kia (dangit I loooove that sundae...) We got into the theater around 11, and the organ player was there doing a ton of Disney tunes and Disneyland ride tunes. 8D That guy is so awesome.

As for the movie itself, it was pretty fun! Not as good as the first, but much tighter and more concise than the second or third ones. I think at times it still veered too close to grimdark and not close enough to the goofiness of the first one, but again, it was doing better. Jack was hilarious as always, Barbossa was definitely interesting, and Blackbeard was very intimidating. Probably one of the scariest pirate villains in awhile. Angelica was also pretty fun...not as cool as Quorra when it comes to lead-female-in-recent-live-action-Disney-movies, but cool 'nuff. Also, that priest. Dang, he was nice with his shirt off.

Yeah, that's my non-spoilery review. |D I recommend seeing it!

Got the art test, so now it's just a matter of doing it and rocking it! I wish I had more time nowadays; these past few weeks have been so busy, but I'll get it done one way or another! Need to do some architectural examples. I think I have some ideas for it now...I started trying to do a mockup model of one of the pieces yesterday while at the internship, but by the end of the day I wasn't terribly happy with it. So I'll just redo it. :P I've discovered that when it comes to drawing things like buildings/cityscapes/architecture, I prefer doing a quick model of it in 3D first and then drawing/painting over a snapshot of that model. Your perspective is always correct when using a model, and it's a lot easier to tweak and be creative with a piece of architecture in 3D than it is on paper, at least for me. Don't think I'll be able to post those here, since aha art test, but oh well.

Here be the latest waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 61-63 )

Drawing: LG pages, finished revision, finished commission...but next, time to conquer that art test!

Writing: FINISHED challenge fic (which I'll be posting in a bit), plus tags
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19 May 2011 @ 01:38 pm
Here's the new Lunargyros page (sheesh I keep being behind on posting these here), but yeah, it's up here.

Had phone interview yesterday and I think it went well enough! I am waiting to receive an art test, since that's the next step. Despite the scary parts (mostly the moving part), I'm...really really hoping that this job works out. ;o; At least from the phone interview, it sounds like a really nice setup, and a good way to have some long-term work. So...please hatch, little egg!

In the meanwhile, going to be up super-ultra-late for the midnight premiere of Pirates at El Capitan! 8D Heading out there with [ profile] yamikonumber7, [ profile] corrielle, Rae and others! I am teh excite. XD El Capitan + Disney soda fountain is always a lot of fun, enough to lose sleep over it.

Ooof, I've got a big backlog of waking-up drawings to heeeere we go:

Under-covers drawings 55-60 )
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14 April 2011 @ 05:25 pm
FF Pony Parade  
Oh man, just when I thought I had my summer work all figured out, I'm back to fretting about what I should be doing job-wise. 8( CHOICES! AND TIMING! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

BUT at least for now, I once again come bearing ponies. Lots and lots and lots of ponies.

Watch out, there will be lots and lots of scrolling )

And some more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 25-26 )

Drawing: Animation project, finished these, everything else I need to do

Writing: Tags
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05 November 2010 @ 08:36 pm
The third straight week of the full moon  
Well, today didn't start out so good. I drove out all the way to work, sat down for another eight hours of hardcore arting, and then the bossdude came in and said that the client decided they didn't want our company for the project...they were going with the competition. D: So basically me and the other artist had nothing else we needed to do, so we had to bid our farewells and leave. The bossdudes were very understanding and apologetic...said that they loved the art we'd done; thought it was great, and agreed that the clients were being buttfaces about the whole thing. This was after communication failures all week on the client's part...very slow in getting back to us about changes, really unclear on what exactly they wanted, giving little to no reference material and then expecting us to be able to read their minds. I think the bossdudes were glad to not have to deal with them anymore, since they were frustrated with how thick the client company was being. :|

It's not a total loss...I'll still get paid, I enjoyed the work well enough, and the bossdudes were happy to work with me and said they'd contact me if any more work came up in the future. Yay more business relations! It's just a disappointment that this job didn't turn into something longer. :<

Sooo, left early, and went and got a bunch of errands done, which was nice because now I don't have to spend my Saturday doing errands. And also did some drawing~

Now the more fun part! I suddenly got a nibble or two of inspiration on another old story idea from ages ago, so I whipped out some really fast sketches for that. It could probably use reworking, but it's a start.

Be warned, weird story idea and character descriptions are within...

Reindeer Games )

...SO YEAH. If I do anything else with these, I'll probably redraw them until I'm happy with the look.

It is now my intention to fight Mysterious Figure for several hours.


Writing: Fic
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02 November 2010 @ 08:38 pm
Least stealthy wolf in the world  
Iiiiiit's ELECTION DAY here in Americaland! Who would you vote for?

[Poll #1640040]

Worked a bunch all day today, and the dudes there were pretty happy with it, so that made me feel good. I'm enjoying working on the project, which always makes things a lot easier. I also got a new tire gummi for Falcon II...expensive, as I figured, but at least now I can drive again.

Also, there's a new Lunargyros page, read it here.

Drawing: Workstuff, some 10HAD

Writing: Not much time
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01 November 2010 @ 08:45 pm
In Paraguay, a woman shops. Connection?  
Halloween last night was quite enjoyable! Carved a pumpkin for my 'rents since usually me and my bros do the pumpkin art. Then went to hang out with friends at the fandom house. It was fun...we had a really delicious dinner, passed out candy to adorable kids, and watched creepypastas and that 100 Scariest Movie Moments series. I'm not a big party person, so something quiet with friends makes me happy. XD

Also, today I started out at the new job. It went fine...the dudes there are nice, and while I can't actually talk about the project because NDA and such, it's totally my alley in terms of genre/style, and it's all in Photoshop which I know like the back of my hand. So it should be fine to work on, even with a really tight deadline.

The NOT-fun part was driving. D: That studio seems to have bad car luck or something. I went searching around for a place to eat for lunch...that area of Venice is not a great place to drive or park; lots of oddly-crossing roads and one-way streets. D: Finally gave up on anything cheap and went to eat at some organic vegan shop that, while tasty enough, was expensive. Except when I was pulling in I hit the curb really hard on my left side. When I tried to leave again, I immediately noticed a bad noise...pulled over, and discovered my left front tire was completely flat. DX

Soooo I had to call Triple A, in the process, sign up for Triple A membership too, since apparently I'm no longer good on my parents' plan. Dude came out and changed my tire, and the spare seems to work okay since I was able to drive home on it. BUUUUT now this means that I have to get up much earlier tomorrow to go out and buy two new tires, and tires are expensive. Pretty much all of today's salary will go towards getting Falcon II new gummis. NNNNNNNNNNGGGH.

I hope the rest of the week goes better~

Drawing: Stuff for work, will try and keep doing 10HAD

Writing: Will see if I have time...
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30 October 2010 @ 07:38 pm
The Bronx is leaking!  
I got another sudden egg drop into my lap, and it hatched right then and there. SO, suddenly have more freelance work, but this time it needs to be done at the studio so I'll be commuting in every day. Don't expect to see me around much next week. At least it looks to be an interesting (if very speedy) project for an actually-rather-large property. So, yay more work! November is going to be a friggin' busy month...

Tried another BBS-cast-style-change; dunno if I like it. May come back to it later. In the meanwhile, another MST3K monster for the collection...

I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing )

Drawing: 10HAD, an LG page, this, poking at other things

Writing: Still fic and d_m
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21 September 2010 @ 05:34 pm
Many things today  
There's a new Lunargyros page up today, check it out here.

Well, at least one of the eggs has hatched now. It's just a little robin, and won't last forever, but it's really nice to have a project to work on for someone else (for pay) for awhile. May or may not post some progress stuff here; I'm not sure what I'm allowed to show. Either way, it should be fun to work on.

Also, trying to get in the habit of drawing ten humans a day. Here are some! XD

I felt like drawing some Keyblade gijinka. So, drew personification of Terra, Aqua and Ven's Keyblades: Earthshaker, Rainfell and Wayward Wind. They're fun to do. XD

Earthshaker, Rainfell, Wayward Wind )

And I seem to be on a personification kick, because I'm doing more...particularly human versions of Willcox and Taby, from The Adventures of Willcox and Friends. Absolutely no one will know this comic because it's something I drew when I was very, ten years old. I've still got them laying around somewhere. Willcox is the dog and Taby is the cat (original names, I know), and it's them with their respective normal selves.

Willcox and Taby )

Also, did a sketch of the KH version of Cecil.

Doctor Cecil )

As if there weren't enough in this, I decided to do the KH 30 days meme that [ profile] bouncy_erbear started. I don't usually do 30-day memes, but then again, I'm a predictably huge nerdface. XD

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme
Day 1 - Favorite Character

Hmm, I like many for different reasons, but I'll probably be predictable and say Sora. |D I've had him as a muse for awhile, so that's a large part of it, but I also have a huge soft spot for that sort of happiness-in-the-face-of-the-worst hero. It's inspiring. I can get fiercely defensive of the kid when fandom hate crops up; it's almost embarrassing. Either way, I likes him much and will happily play future games as long as he's in them. (Which will probably be all of them, SO YEAH.)

KH 30 Days Meme )

OMG that Eraqus post on [ profile] dear_mun has by now broken 400 comments. @_@ I WAS SERIOUSLY NOT EXPECTING THAT MUCH RESPONSE, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN

Drawing: 10 humans a day, LG, time to start on the larger project

Writing: On dear_mun
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09 September 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Just Got Real  
ALL RIGHT we are back to commentary today. Had to take a long break since I had an interview yesterday, which all things considered I think went well. I was honest, asked a bunch of questions, and everyone there was friendly. So, we'll see what happens. If I got the job, it would definitely be a learning experience, but I'd get to work on some pretty cool stuff. :O

Also yesterday/today I had to do a short job for my mentor, because practice + monies = very good. But now that we've gotten the higher priority stuff done, we can continue on adventures with Terra...

Deep Space through to returning to Land of Departure )

Man, good thing I have tissue boxes...
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03 September 2010 @ 08:51 pm
There goes a big, brave brick of meat  
Watch out, the egg analogy is back...

I have five eggs. One did not hatch, but it smelled rotten anyway, so I'm not that upset about it. Two I've been sitting on for a long time, but will probably result in something like sparrows or robins when they hatch. One of those has some significant cracks in it. Then there's one that I'm sitting on, hoping for a chicken. But while I was sitting on all these, someone just ran by and dropped a HUGE one in my lap. Like, Christmas Goose egg big. It's made me so nervous. I'm still hoping they'll all hatch, but I don't know how the heck I'd be able to care for a goose, a chicken and two robins all at once. @__@

OKAY enough of the egg stuff. Yesterday went pretty well! I had no traffic both ways, which was very fortunate. Grandma and I went out to eat, got her car back from the shop, and then watched three movies in a row (all good ones). And there was much talking between us about various things. I think she was really glad to spend time with me, so I'm glad I took the time to go.

Otherwise, this week has been taking FOREVERRRRRRR. And these last few days leading up to the 7th seem to be moving at snail pace. PLEASE COME SOONER, TUESDAY AAAAAH

Drawing: The covers are taking foreverrrr; had an idea for a fanart but don't know when I'll be able to do it

Writing: Still on the fic

Days until BBS release: 4 (NNNNGH)
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25 August 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Are we inside television city?  
Okay so, related completely to the new egg mentioned earlier, I've been trying out the beta test of a cute lil' kids' MMO made by NatGeo...sort of in the same vein as Neopets or Club Penguin. Want to get a sense of how the game works and what the art style is like. It's abhorrently cute. Make little animal characters, give them flashy colors and patterns, play minigames, read nature facts, buy them accessories and prizes with points, all that usual kid MMO stuff. So I made a little blue and white wolf and named it Sir Snarkyfoot, and have just been running around collecting points to buy cute is in beta so it's obviously not that big right now.

And while running around, I run into a little pink wolf (I think wolf is the most popular animal, not surprisingly) and she's like "My friend said you were here! You want to go out with me?"
Me: .........(uhh) "Okay, sure."
Pink Wolf: "Okay, let's go back to my den!"
Me: *finally figures out how to visit another player's home base, goes there*
Pink Wolf: "Yay!" *proceeds to chase all her other friends out of her den, runs around making little hearty faces; sends me a nature postcard*
Me: ...fffffffffffffffffffffff *makes little heart faces too?!*

WTF, I've only been trying out an MMO for two days and I already have an internet girlfriend who is probably half my age HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN 8|||||

Day 25 - Millennium Actress )

Hmm, I should go clean out my tags now...

Drawing: LG and a little practice stuff here and there

Writing: Still nothing

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26 July 2010 @ 01:28 pm
San Diego Comic Con 2010 Report  
WE ARE BACK from San Diego as of yesterday evening! And since Pura keeps bugging me to do it, here's my con report! Also, it's probably best to do these things while they're still fresh in my mind.

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday and Swag )

AND SO that was this year's Comic Con! Pura should have a bunch of pictures and video, since I lack a camera. The weather was lovely throughout...not boiling hot, but not freezing. Fun and exhausting as always, but very happy that I got to meet some people that I haven't seen in forever, or haven't seen before. (Although I'm sorry I missed you, [ profile] sillywhims!)

For now, today is relaxing a lot and chilling with the awesome Pura, who is sadly leaving me tomorrow. ;_; I'll probably be back to the internets fully on Wednesday.

Drawing: Need to figure out what to work on next, since I have a bunch of options and a bunch of stuff to get done.

Writing: *looks pointedly away* >>

Days until BBS release: 42
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28 May 2010 @ 07:47 pm
About Eggs  
In spite of the fact that I feel under a lot pressure from a few different sources, today was a very good day. I'll just say that someone was kind enough to give me a big, fresh egg. While the last thing I want to do is count any chickens before they hatch, I am still going to hope that this particular egg hatches into an awesome chicken. What I should definitely do in the meanwhile is get a bunch of hay to put around the egg.

...Okay maybe my analogy is getting weird now, but yeah, I'm just hoping for a good opportunity in the future. XD

In the meanwhile! I have bought another blank Mickey Vinylmation figure! The first one I bought I painted like KH2 King Mickey. What should I paint on this new one? Give me ideas, flist!

Drawing: LG pages, tomorrow is boards and other things

Writing: Hopefully will finish the chapter tonight

Days until BBS release: 101
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06 March 2010 @ 01:23 pm
Weekend for the workin'  
Went out for a very nice lunch today, and it looks like I'm going to be getting a bunch more storyboarding work starting next week! Resume-boosting, finished-product-on-TV, enjoyable, paid work!


(This totally helps make up for the crappy days I was having earlier)

Also, I am going to a gallery opening at Gnomon tonight (Naughty Dog art! :O), am probably going back in for life drawing tomorrow morning, and then have a bit more operator temping at night. So if you don't see me around as much, that is why.

Speaking of, crap, this makes me realize I'm gonna miss the Oscars! Does anyone know if there'll be a site where they're streaming online? (Even though I know I'm going to be mad when Avatar wins, OH WELL.)

Drawing: LG lots and lots

Writing: Fic

Consecutive Days Gone Spoiler-Free: 7
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