09 December 2007 @ 12:41 pm
Visual Structure Final Project  
Since this class is pretty much done (WOOT, today is the last day!) I thought I would share what's been eating up a bunch of my drawing time. A ton of this has been posted to dA a bunch already, so sorry if you've seen it once or twice, but I wanted it all condensed and with the actual story. :O

Basically, for this class, we had to plan out a story and show its visual development: the idea boards for research, sketches and color versions of both environments and characters, storyboards, and a color palette for the whole movie. Most everyone else in the class did their new take on 'Alice in Wonderland,' which resulted in some pretty cool visual stuff! I wanted to do my own story, so that's what was done! This is all the work I did for it over the term:

DIALUP BEWARE, this is very image-heavy! )

HOLY CRAP, that took awhile! *COLLAPSE* I'm glad I was able to get this story out in some way! At the very least, I had fun doing all of this work!
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04 November 2007 @ 09:20 pm
Art dump of schoolwork...  
'Spose I should post somethin' or other...

My Halloween was quite fine! I hung with some friends from school. A few people went to the big party in West Hollywood, but I didn't, since huge noisy parties with tons of people in the streets at night is not really my thing. So instead, Tom, Lisa, Lauren and I went out to Lauren's house in Burbank, where we rented a scary movie and watched it with popcorn and snacks. We watched Ghost Ship, which I'd never seen before, and was quite spooky in its own right! I guessed a few things correctly; others I did not.

I don't know if I'm that good of a person to watch horror movies with, though, considering I tend to go into mockery mode and start MSTing it/commenting on it the entire way. Stuff like, "Oh, he has a fiancee, he's so kicking it." Maybe it's a defense mechanism 'cause I'm not too fond of horror movies, but I seem to feel the urge to MST a lot more with horror movies than I do with any other kind.

Most of what I've been working on lately has been stuff for Visual Structure, since I really want an 'A' in that class and it requires doing a lot of drawing. I'm sure most people have already seen it, but for the few who haven't, here's some sketches and some colored works. (Descriptions mostly c/p'd from dA...)

Beware of the biting picspam )

Went on a big software updating spree last week...upgraded my OS (Tiger, woot!), and got Shake, AfterEffects, and ZBrush 2 working! Also, finally was able to install Firefox goodbye, Safari! Adobe CS3 didn't install correctly, though (I think I may have to try CS2 instead) and Maya 8.5 still isn't working, although it installed correctly. However, it should work if I fix one lickle problem with it.

Huh, KHFFR's been pretty quiet lately. o_o

Drawing: Ten thousand things; I don't know what to go to next...

Writing: A new sporking! This one is turning out to be lots of fun. XD Lots of good jokes!
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