19 October 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Some bad, mostly sharing things  
Well, there's one bad thing, but then a whole buncha stuff to share!

The job I was at apparently is ending early for me...well, later than they initially estimated, but still earlier than I was thinking with all the work there is still left to do on the show. But the executive producers are changing things up and going down from four loggers to two, so...this week is my last. :( I am going to miss the steady paycheck...

The silver lining on this is that at least I now have the time to get all that commission work done, since there's a lot of that and I don't know if I could have finished it all otherwise.

And now, lotsa stuff to share!

The commercial intern project that I worked on while at Zoic is now up, and you can see it right here! I did the storyboards/animatics for the project, and the rest of the team did all that awesome modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, etc. YAAY it's nice to see it done!

Also, today I got a proof copy of Lunargyros! YAAAAAY! Just some quickie webcam pics of it:


Here's another episode of Kia and I's Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2...

And here's some more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 201-206 )

Drawing: Commission work when I can do it, mostly thumbs and boards

Writing: Tags and more
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13 July 2011 @ 10:37 pm
OH MAN COMIC CON COMIN' UP SOONLIKE. Been really busy lately with all sorts of things, but at least I got the bulk of errand-running done today! Still need to update my website, print off LG samples and do room-cleaning, but a lot of stuff is done.

Also did our intern group project presentation today...nerve-wracking as all pitches + roasts are, but I think we came out of it with some good feedback. At least dudes liked the boards I did!

And reeeeeeally not looking to battling Carmageddon on Saturday morning. |D But it must be done, and at least my parents promised me a coffee for my troubles.

Now per the usual, just a bunch of stuff to share:

There's two new Lunargyros pages up for your readability!

And here is episode 10 of Kia and I's Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2!

Some more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 114-116 )

Aaaand also did an Okami fanart!

Sun and Son )

Drawing: Got a small commish I need to do; may do another fanart watercolor this weekend...

Writing: Lotsa game planning, plus tags
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05 July 2011 @ 11:29 pm
So little time  
Nnnnnngh I'm in a totally distracted mood ATM since I'm trying to figure out how to do our group project for our internship. This is proving more difficult than originally thought (in part because of a somewhat unnecessary time limit, and lack of communication...)

Also in the process of trying to plan out everything that I need to do before/during Comic Con (WHICH IS SUPER FRIGGIN' SOON AAAAAAH) I am trying to decide what I want to do for my birthday! Unfortunately, the only days I can pretty much, uh, do anything at all are Monday night the 18th, or Tuesday night the 19th after [ profile] bouncy_erbear arrives. SO, ANYONE WHO LIVES CLOSE TO ME AND WANTS TO COME, I HAS QUESTIONS:

- What day is best for you, the 18th or the 19th?
- I am considering either just a party at my house hanging out with good food and watching movies/ponies/whatever, or going out to go see Harry Potter since that will be coming out the previous Friday and I really wanna see it! Would you rather just come hang for something relaxing, or go out to the movies?

SPEAKING OF, EM AND RAE: We need to plan our Comic Con driving/packing/parking situations! Call or text me?

Okay, as per usual, I have Lunargyros and LP and art things for all...

First, two new pages in Lunargyros are up today!

Second, we've actually gotten up two new episodes of the KH2 LP! Since they're in smaller chunks, they're easier to watch, anyway:

And finally, some new waking-up drawings, plus a color version of an older one...

Under-covers drawings 106-108, plus more )

Drawing: Boards and thumbnails and watercolors

Writing: Tags and game plannings
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19 June 2011 @ 04:49 pm
Well she did ask for the mermaid cut  
There's two new Lunargyros pages up from Friday, you can read 'em here.

SO. [ profile] yamikonumber7 and I started in on another project. XD We'd thought of doing this for awhile, and finally decided to go ahead with it:

So now you know for certain that I sound like a total doof. XD This is our first try at an LP, so there's still kinks to work out...mostly fixing the video so it's not doing that interlacing thing, and the audio so it's not layered. Any suggestions on improvement are welcome! We shall have future parts going up soon...

I've been doing some more realism practice at internship, when I have the time. Still aways to go (and still wish I had my brushes) but practice makes perfect an' all:

One painting )

Also, at least last time I had the internship I was able to actually contribute to a project! It was a small contribution, but it was something nonetheless!

And finally, latest waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 88-92 )

Drawing: Buncha LG, some practice

Writing: Tags all over the plaaaace
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14 June 2011 @ 09:34 pm
Prisoners are baked, not fried  
Two new Lunargyros pages are up for today, read 'em here.

Saw tons of friends at the Fandom House on Sunday for a multi-party, including people I hadn't seen in awhile, and goodness it was fun! We went swimming even though it was freezing cold in the pool, had delishus food and went out to get soda and candy at the local vintage soda shop, and then an extended and insane IC drinking game. XD I am always up for such parties. Also, [ profile] skillsontoast, IM me whenever you like!

ALSO ALSO, [ profile] ghettopeach: I'm pretty certain I left my PSP and charger there. XD; Can you please bring them with you next time you're in my neck of the woods for operator? I'll remind you again later in the week if needed. THANK YOOOOU ;o;

I've been rather unmotivated on the job front, but I'm chugging along in other areas. At least at internship, we're finally starting to figure out what group projects we want to do, and I like the idea we decided on for our group! I need to start planning out the story and some designs for it this week, but luckily I have the time.

Since internship has been so slow otherwise, I've spent the time just hanging out with the coolest artists and practicing painting realism. I'm not very good with realism at all, so even just a bit of improvement in that direction is good, and I want to do that every day I'm there if there's nothing else to do. Here's what I've done so far: they're just copied from photos, with straight painting/no linework, and all on one layer.

Two paintings )

Aaaand of course, more waking-up drawings. I want to color one...but which one? o_oa

Under-covers drawings 85-87 )

Drawing: Realism practice, LG pages, etc.

Writing: RP stuffes
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11 June 2011 @ 03:01 pm
Dog Days  
New LG pages are up for Friday, and you can check them out here.

Mreh, life's still fairly boring around here...I imagine things are going to get a lot crazier in July and August (since cons and such, woo!) I feel like I should really be starting in on another huge art project (or at least doing more boards) but mostly I feel like I can't start anything until LG is done, which it almost is. @_@ Of course, then it's also a matter of finding a print publisher, which is going slow...

Internship has also been slow, but yesterday I just spent almost the entire day just sitting up with the artists and doing some realism painting practice. I'm employing a method suggested by the concept artist there, which I'm liking so far because realism is really haaaaaard for me. And I just talked to the animator up there (who's done a bunch of Disney movies) and it was informative and enjoyable! Any time I don't have work to do around internship, I'm just going to go up and do that.

So here's just more waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 81-84 )

I want to color another waking-up drawing again, but I dunno which one to do. Any particular past ones that have stood out to you dudes that you'd want to see colored?

Drawing: LG and realism practice

Writing: Transcribings and poking at reindeer story again...
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04 June 2011 @ 01:26 pm
A series of unfortunate events  
Newest Lunargyros pages are from Friday, and there's two of them available here. I have now officially finished thumbnailing the rest of LG, so I know how many pages are left to do. It's...a really, really weird feeling. @____@

Nnnnngh this has really not been the best of weeks...especially yesterday. X( After all that art test work, I found out that the egg didn't hatch. I was really counting on this one, too, and am more than a little disappointed. Just...for once, I'd like ONE of these eggs to hatch. I've got a full basket of unhatched ones and it's more than a little discouraging.

Yesterday at internship was really busy, which normally is fine, but about half of that time I spent battling LA traffic. I went to go pick up some massive-heavy camera equipment, but couldn't find the place at first because the address was wrong, had to wait forever for them to get the equipment together, had a bunch of communication snafus to make sure I actually had everything, and then when I attempted to return to the studio I tried to reverse the directions to get there and ended up going in a huge circle. It took me like an extra hour or so to finally fumble around until I found the nearest freeway and go from there. This was after a day of mostly cleaning and moving around stuff for their Sunday event.

Aaaand on top of all that, I'm pretty sure I have (or am getting) an ear infection. XC My balance is off and I'll get this world-spinning sensation, particularly when I'm lying in bed or twisting my head to the side. I've also got this pressure in my sinus and throat, and now my ears are starting to hurt on occasion. So this probably means spending money on a doctor's visit (thanks useless insurance), and maybe antibiotics or something. Suck suck suuuuuuck. XP

At least tomorrow should be better, since it's time for another Disneyland trip! We're planning to go on both Star Tours and The Little Mermaid since they just opened/reopened, plus lunch reserved at Blue Bayou. 8D So many goooood things. And since I have a shiny smart phone now, I can do posties about it from Disneyland itself!

Finally, here's a bunch of waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 74-77 )

Drawing: Just lots of LG

Writing: Tags and transcribing
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27 May 2011 @ 11:13 pm
Everybody was kung-fu fiiiiighting  
New Lunargyros page is up; give it a look-see
Speaking of, there's a new page of it up; you can read it here.

Internship had more to do today: did a run (uuuugh LA traffic), talked to cool concept artist dude more, and even helped with an actual project (even if it was just uploading files. It was A THING.) All in all it's still been pretty slow, though. Guess we just hit it at the opposite of peak season.

Went and saw Kung-Fu Panda 2 tonight with my family! (Holy crap, the first time we've actually had the whole family together in...almost a year, I think?) And I enjoyed it! Beautiful animation, the fight scenes were SOOO much fun to watch, and there was more of the 2D animation! Especially the opening sequence, aaaaaah I looooove unique art styles applied to animation like that. SO pretty. As for the story and just the movie overall, I dunno if it was any better or worse than the original...they felt about equal to me. I thought this movie was actually a bit darker than the first; there were a few times where I teared up. (Of course, that could just be me getting old and sentimental.) It was nice that they let this movie be its own story with its own lesson, instead of an attempt to rehash the first or stuff it full of even more pop culture in-jokes. (If any, I think there may have been less this time.)

Also, Gary Oldman as Shen, the peacock villain, was a LOT of fun. He was a bit hammy (no more so than Tai Lun in the first one, though), but DANG he looked so awesome in the fight scenes. I want to go back and watch all those fight scenes with Shen in slow-motion, because there's such great MOVEMENT in seeing a peacock do kung-fu, as if he was using his whole body as a fan to fight with. So yeah...overall, I enjoyed it! Definitely stood on its own and didn't fall into the same sequel traps that DW has fallen into with the Shrek or Madagascar franchises.

Speaking of cool animation: Pixar, I am disappoint. You've made all these great movies and we know you can do it, so how about letting a woman at the helm for once? You had one on board for Brave, and then dropped her? Now DW has beaten you to the punch! (Pun not intended!) I know there are many female (and otherwise) storytellers like me who would, y'know, really appreciate it if you acknowledged our existence and gave us a chance for once. :/

Here's more waking-up drawings...been having a lot of weird or frightening dreams lately (probably related to this potential job stress), so a bunch of images are me trying to get down stuff from dreams...

Under-covers drawings 68-69 )

Drawing: Mostly LG ATM, but I really need to move into some other things, too

Writing: Buncha tags and a lot of transcribing
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21 May 2011 @ 02:52 pm
Arrrrrrrt me mateys  
The newest Lunargyros page is up here! Yay for somewhat announcing it here on time! 8Db

Pirates on Thursday night was a bunch of fun! Hung out with friends at the soda fountain before the movie started, where I shared the pin traders sundae with Kia (dangit I loooove that sundae...) We got into the theater around 11, and the organ player was there doing a ton of Disney tunes and Disneyland ride tunes. 8D That guy is so awesome.

As for the movie itself, it was pretty fun! Not as good as the first, but much tighter and more concise than the second or third ones. I think at times it still veered too close to grimdark and not close enough to the goofiness of the first one, but again, it was doing better. Jack was hilarious as always, Barbossa was definitely interesting, and Blackbeard was very intimidating. Probably one of the scariest pirate villains in awhile. Angelica was also pretty fun...not as cool as Quorra when it comes to lead-female-in-recent-live-action-Disney-movies, but cool 'nuff. Also, that priest. Dang, he was nice with his shirt off.

Yeah, that's my non-spoilery review. |D I recommend seeing it!

Got the art test, so now it's just a matter of doing it and rocking it! I wish I had more time nowadays; these past few weeks have been so busy, but I'll get it done one way or another! Need to do some architectural examples. I think I have some ideas for it now...I started trying to do a mockup model of one of the pieces yesterday while at the internship, but by the end of the day I wasn't terribly happy with it. So I'll just redo it. :P I've discovered that when it comes to drawing things like buildings/cityscapes/architecture, I prefer doing a quick model of it in 3D first and then drawing/painting over a snapshot of that model. Your perspective is always correct when using a model, and it's a lot easier to tweak and be creative with a piece of architecture in 3D than it is on paper, at least for me. Don't think I'll be able to post those here, since aha art test, but oh well.

Here be the latest waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 61-63 )

Drawing: LG pages, finished revision, finished commission...but next, time to conquer that art test!

Writing: FINISHED challenge fic (which I'll be posting in a bit), plus tags
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16 May 2011 @ 12:29 pm
Weekend of busy-ness  
Yikes, meant to update earlier, but this past week has been busy and this next week is gonna be even busier! So, random things...

There's a new Lunargyros page from Friday, up here. A new one will be up tomorrow too. XD

Internship has been going okay thusfar; I had lots more to do on Friday. I talked to the concept artist some about various things and he was pretty cool, but spent most of my time doing a ton of runs, so it was a looooot of driving all over the place. Up to Santa Monica and back, and then up to North Hollywood and back. And on the last one, I got a ticket for my trouble...parked in a metered spot, and I didn't have change on me. I figured since I'd be in and out in ten minutes, it wouldn't be an issue. Obviously this wasn't the case, since in the ten minutes I was gone I got a ticket. -_- Nnnnnnnnnnngggggh. It was entirely my fault, but still, just an annoyance. And I guess we're still working out what to do for our projects...

Yesterday, went with [ profile] yamikonumber7, [ profile] amorsinseramada and Kristin to Disneyland for Kia's birthday! It was pretty awesome and we did most everything in both parks. XD Although when we went on Indy, a bunch of the lights were off (like the rats and the fire in the skull), probably as a result of them having troubles with the ride earlier in the day. Also, we found out from one of the pin traders that OMG, D-Land is actually releasing a limited edition Kingdom Hearts pin at an event next month. 8O NEED TO GET ON THAT LEIKWOAH. Disneyland never releases their own KH merch, so the fact that they're actually putting out their own pin is BLOWING MY MIND. Pin traders will trade KH pins, but usually you'll only find KH pins at Hot Topic (WTF?), so they're very rare...and there's like, five of them total. I'm no pin trader (ahaha too expensive for me), but I just want the KH one. 8D

Kia even convinced me to go on Tower of Terror, even though I do not like drop rides. |D And we finished it off with ElecTRONica, where I actually got one of their liquor drinks. I haven't had alcohol in like...four years, and I wasn't driving home, so I figured I could indulge myself this once. I think I was reminded why I never drink alcohol...the tuscan lemonade-martini thing I got was STRONG; especially for a teenyweight like me. I did manage to down the whole thing, but yeah, it was pretty strong for me. The rest of the night I felt warm in my face and very tired. We did some games at Flynn's Arcade, and then on the way out we ran into [ profile] scifichicx, [ profile] ald_fan_girl and [ profile] lady_entropy17, so it was total funtimes!

I've got a phone interview this Wednesday that I'm of course a bit nervous about...if it didn't work out, oh well, but if it did, it would mean a lot of sudden big changes on my end. @_@

Waking-up drawings will have to come at a time when I have access to a scanner. |D

Drawing: LG pages and thumbnails, gotta start on a commish, and more

Writing: Tags and ideers and challenge fic
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12 May 2011 @ 07:30 pm
Playin' catch-up  
...Did I already post a Lunargyros update for Tuesday here? @_@ I can't remember. IT'S THE START OF THE FINAL CHAPTER, SO I HOPE I HAVE. Either way, there'll be a new update tomorrow.

First things first: first day of internship was okay! I ended up having very little to do, because they had just entered a big slowdown and my car got parked in so I couldn't do any runs. |D The most I did was help hang some corkboards, which was kind of an ordeal considering the tools and time we had available. But so far everyone there seemed nice enough. The layout of the studio is rather confusing and will probably take some getting used to. Also, I can't get to intern meetings since they're on days that I work. :/ Hopefully tomorrow will go well and I'll have more to do. I want to try and work on some more concept stuff there; starting to feel it more.

Aaaand here is more Okamiden commentary! I'm coming up pretty close to the end:

The underwater sage shrine up through entrance to darkness )

Here's a few more waking up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 52-54 )

Drawing: Sooo much LG, plus some other things

Writing: Challenge fic, and feeling the sudden urge to work on reindeer story more...
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09 May 2011 @ 11:07 am
Wait, it's May, isn't it?  
I start my internship tomorrow, and I have to admit I'm a nervous boo. I'm sure it'll be fine once I actually get going and get used to it, but just starting right in is always a little nervous-ing. And I don't think I'll be able to attend the weekly meetings either, since they're on nights that I work, which is a little mreh for me. -_- Still want to participate in the group project, though, since that's more good portfolio and resume stuff. I hope I'll get the chance to use some Maya and ZBrush; it's been awhile since I've gone modeling and I wanna do some again...

Here's some more Okamiden playthrough...I think I'm coming up on the end slowly!

Escaping the demon market through entering the Sage Sanctuary )

And here's some recent waking-up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 50-51 )

Drawing: LG pages, may do another color pic

Writing: Sporkage!
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