02 April 2010 @ 11:06 am
There will be more zooms like this!  
Last night I went with [ profile] yamikonumber7 to go see How to Train Your Dragon! Didn't get to an iMax showing, but we did go see it in 3D.

Don't think I'll do a spoilery review, but the bottom line: GO SEE IT! This was definitely one of Dreamworks' best movies...on par with Kung Fu Panda at least, if not better. And easily the best dragon movie since Dragonheart. Great soundtrack, great characters, great art/animation, and a great story...all very solid work. I was on the edge of my seat on many occasions!

Also, I will have to say...the dragon flight scenes here? Superior to the dragon flight scenes in Avatar. The ones in Avatar were nice and gave a sense of scale. But the HTTYD flight scenes gave much more a sense of speed and power, which makes the flying scenes all the better. And I have a love affair with flight scenes (see my icon/most of what I draw/etc.) so this movie made me suuuuper happy.

I hope Dreamworks keeps up this level of quality, because stuff like this (and Kung Fu Panda) is what they should be shooting for, instead of Yet Another Shrek or Other Comedy With Celebrity Voices 2.

Completely unrelated: there was a trailer beforehand for a movie called 'Furry Vengeance.' I get the feeling that maybe the filmmakers should have done a little internets research before giving it that title, because I just snickered at that.

Aaaand speaking of movies, tonight I should hopefully be going to go see The Secret of Kells with my family! Which is ALSO a movie you should go see, because it is SO pretty and unique and deserves your dollars so that the filmmakers will continue to make more like that.

Also did a few more things for 'Scratch and the Tooth Troll'

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Hmmm, I should probably go get my hair cut today...

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