21 December 2006 @ 11:03 am
Time to fly  
Well, I leave for Italy in just a few hours. :O I still gotta do a bit of packing, but the bulk of it's done, so I'm not exactly rushing that. Here's hoping the flights all go smoothly and there's no delays on LAX's part, as I've got a connecting flight in Zurich that I'll only have a little over an hour to get to. :P However, considering my family should be getting in to Rome about half an hour before I do, they should be there to greet me. Oy, international flights!

Tuesday night the three of us still hangin' around here went over to [ profile] sbctaka's place for a Christmas party. We had homemade shabu-shabu, yuuuum! ♥ And there was much hilarity and watching of Law and Order, because it was on and we were too tired to play a game. And I got to see her cute kitty, Kiyoshi! Except he was really afraid of everyone and hid under the bed most of the time.

Also, I've got a new job once I get back for the new year: temp-to-hire reception work for a company that builds, um, rich people's houses or such. 12 bucks an hour with increased pay if I go full-time sounds nice to me. I need to send my portfolio places once I get back so that I can get to what I actually want to do ASAP, but at least I won't be unemployed next year. :P

And muuuuch love to [ profile] voodoobob, who's been passing along the KH2 clips in .mov format, so I'm finally getting to work on that AMV I screamed about a month or two ago! XD Even if all the money I spent on those programs was kinda blehh, and even if it's not a fantastic work of art like I've seen at the AMV contests at cons, I'm getting it done and having fun! ♥

ALSO ALSO! Rebmakash is about the awesomest awesome in the world of awesome, as she sent me a Christmas present! And it was... A LION SORA PLUSHIE OOOOMG


He is cute and cuddly and huggable and squeeeeeeeee! I am taking him with me to Italy because I lurbles him muchly and he'll protect me from Heartless Airports and probably bad weather, too! ♥

Aaanyways, wish me luck! I shall try and give a I AM IN EUROPE OKAY post if I have internets, although I probably won't be on IM the entire time there. I hope everyone has a good Christmas!
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