09 February 2007 @ 11:55 am
I need a munny tree.  
Grah! I remembered today that I haven't payed the student loan stuff I owed. D: Except I haven't gotten any letters in the mail on how much I do owe (maybe it's going to my old address??) and I never remember these things anyway since my parents said they'd pay for my Pepperdine loans since they weren't that much.


And then today I have to leave early to go do my financial aid review. And if it goes poorly then I won't get the monies I need. But I neeeed them if I'm going to go to this school for two years and not work! And pay rent! And gas and food! And then I still need that new car and that has insurance, too! And now these OTHER student loans! sdjkalda I haaaaaate money! DX

...Also, I really need to make a "*FLAIL!!*" icon for Dusk!Axel, 'cause it would be really useful right about now.

Man, it's times like these when I wish I could use video game money. Just beat up some Heartless and viola, you have 200 dollars! Or just sell some bone fragments! BTW, [ profile] tegurunrampant, thanks for that tip, since I got a bunch of bone fragments and I sold most of them and now I have 6000 gil or so and can totally buy some good weapons/armor so that I don't die HOORAY!

Drawing: Some small project yesterday, plus finished toning another LG page.

Writing: I'm working more on the Lunargyros script! At a fun exciting part, wee!
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