08 July 2010 @ 09:07 pm
So I've been putting Behemoth to work printing today, and in that time, I finally went and finished up Final Fantasy IX!

Some thoughts, which include spoilers even really apply now? )

SO YES. Thoroughly enjoyed it, as I figured I would. Is it my favorite? Probably not, but I've never really been one to go THIS IS THE BESTEST FF EVAR ALL OTHERS SUCK anyway. I suppose I should get an FFIX icon now, since I seem to have one for every Final Fantasy game I've finished. XD

Yesterday I also finished writing the script for Lunargyros. It feels...a little strange, at least having the whole thing written out now. Like a part of me is now worrying "did I give it the ending it deserves? What if people don't like it? What if they get to the end and are all THAT ENDING STINKS WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" Even though I've had the ending in mind for years, just having it there in front of me feels different. I guess I won't know for sure until I actually draw it and put it out there. Man, the end of the comic is going to come before I even know it... ;~;

Drawing: Would like to finish the fanart, some LG tomorrow...

Writing: FINISHED the LG script!

Days until BBS release: 60
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15 June 2010 @ 02:34 pm
Very Brief E3 impressions  

- I do like all the voices. Aqua's voice takes some getting used to, but I actually think it fits her (calm, serious, rather formal way of speaking)
- Does anyone know who's actually voicing Terra? He sounds good to me, too.
- Okay yeah, Hamill is definitely Eraqus.
- Hmm, so most Keyblade Masters are older?
- Oh shiz I just realized that's the ice titan!
- So who's this black coat dude?
- OKAY SO. Obviously Re:Coded is coming to the DS. So what the heck is this KH game that's supposedly coming to the 3DS? It's got KH1!aged Sora and Riku, in Traverse Town...remake of something? Another side story like they hinted at earlier? EXPLAIN, SQUARE! EXPLAAAAAAAAAAIN!
- On a side thought...if it is a remake, a redoing of KH1 with a working camera and some extra playable areas wouldn't be half bad.

Aaaand some other thoughts from watching the livestream of the press conferences:

- Out of the three big consoles, Nintendo had the most interesting. More game content, more new features, less I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT WII SPORTS!
- I may be biased, but all FPSs look the same to me. :/
- New Zelda game looks pretty the colors!
- Out of the new Sony stuff, Portal 2 and the Tron game are what I'll be buying. Everything else looked shruggable. Not planning to buy an XBox 360, so oh well on that.
- I am fast getting the impression that we are staring into the glass ceiling in terms of game graphics. Which may be good, because hopefully once companies and consoles slam their heads into that glass ceiling, they'll focus less on graphics and gimmicks and more on story and gameplay.
- Okay, Epic Mickey DOES look really awesome. It's kind of worrisome, 'cause I wanna play that game real bad, but I do not currently own a Wii. I've just borrowed my brother's, and soon he will be out of state for good. I may have to try and find a Wii somewhere just so I can play this sucker. 8(
- Seriously what is that KH game for the 3DS

SPEAKING OF VIDEO GAMES. FFIX is finally out on the PSN today, and I've been meaning to play IX for awhile since it looks like my kinda FF, so I'll be downloading that today! :D Wooo, can't wait!

Finally something non-gaming Lunargyros page! Check it out here.

Drawing: LG, stuff for friends, and actually sketching some stuff on developing a Tiki Room story...

Writing: Finished chapter 12!

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06 February 2010 @ 03:40 pm
Dissidia AMV!  

I swear, whenever I get the AMV bug, I get it so hard that it becomes near impossible to focus on anything else. So yes, it's already done. XD

This is an AMV for Team Cosmos in Dissidia (although also mostly like Dissidia as a whole), since Tegu sent me this song and it was absolutely perfect for them. Please watch! :D

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17 January 2010 @ 01:50 pm
So I'm at Gnomon today to do some modeling work. (Sheesh, I'm out of practice again.) And I come back in from lunch.

...And someone is playing FFXIII (in Japanese, obviously) on the hugeass 40-something-inch HD TV in the student lounge area.

Fugdamn that is one SERIOUSLY PRETTY GAME. Like honestly, the trailers and stuff I've seen online don't do it justice. That's the sort of game you're supposed to be playing on your hugeass 40-something-inch HD TVs. Really gorgeous art and animation, even in the non-cinematic stuff.

...And now I had to be in here and work instead of watching the dude play it. 8| FFFFFFFFFFFFF

More substantial post will come laters.

Drawing: So much stuff I don't even

Writing: Thhhhhings
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08 September 2008 @ 09:26 pm
Because posting AIM convos is what cool people do  
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Nomura vs Amano cage fight?
[ profile] lynxgriffin: I would pay to see that
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura used BELTS AND ZIPPERS ATTACK
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Amano counters with LIPSTICK
[ profile] lynxgriffin: IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Nomura retaliates with BLUE EYES OBSESSION
[ profile] lynxgriffin: OHH that's a very powerful attack!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Amano uses ROB LIEFELD HAIR
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Nomura is reeling!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura uses SWISS ARMY SWORD
[ profile] tegurunrampant: CRITICAL HIT
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Amano attacks with LINEWORK
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura blocks with COLOR SATURATION
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Amano uses the MORETHANONEBODYTYPE SMASH
[ profile] lynxgriffin: IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Nomura is down for the count!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura uses CROSSOVER LICENSING CONTRACT
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Amano returns fire with DECADES OF ARTBOOKS!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura casts shield with MERCHANDISING MUSCLE
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Amano penetrates shield with BUDDIES AT MARVEL!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura is hit!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Nomura counterattacks with MOVIE DEAL
[ profile] tegurunrampant: CRITICAL HIT
[ profile] tegurunrampant: IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE.
[ profile] tegurunrampant: Amano is down!
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Will Nomura change tactics?!
[ profile] tegurunrampant: I don't know, because I can't think any more possible attacks!
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31 August 2008 @ 04:24 pm
The Core's in a Crisis  
Does anyone on ye olde flist know what the combination is for the "laughing safe" in Niebelheim for Crisis Core? I've tried following online guides for counting what each digit means, and apprently I'm...counting them wrong or something, because I tried a bunch of combinations based off what I counted and the safe refuses to open. :/ If I don't solve these dumb puzzles I'll probably just move on to whatever plot thing happens next, which I think involves Badness and Doom, so yeah that might stink. And I'm still missing like four things from the DMW.

Also, [ profile] you still have that first half of the Crisis Core soundtrack? :D;; *big doe eyes!*

And hey, yesterday I went down to the chili cookoff fair thing with [ profile] yamikonumber7 and her roomie. They forced me to go on that super-fast spinning ride, damn them! The Tilt-a-Whirl was fun, though. And we had some really good burgers, funnel cake and these huge smoothies. They had chili because I'm a dork and actually don't like chili. I also got a sunburn, ouch! And it didn't even cost me any of those crazy tickets.

But still, it was fun! I haven't been to a fair in years.

Drawing: Finished LG page, finished board edits...I'm feeling a drawing itch, but I dunno towards WHAT.

Writing: Standard RPing.
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