17 June 2010 @ 12:10 pm
Birds and Beasts  
Feeling a kind of stress compounding on me again, but we'll just do some art dumping instead.

Well, I've been poking around a little more on an Enchanted Tiki Room movie. A few people seem interested in it, and it seems fun to pursue, soooo I've been randomly sketching and typing up some stuff. XD (I haven't forgotten about Scratch and the Tooth Troll either...that's more on the backburner now, but I'd still like to keep putting out some content for it in the future.)

Just some sketches to try and figure out both their looks and colors. Had to guess on some stuff, since we never see the undersides of their wings.

Let's all sing like the birdies sing )

Probably more on that later. For now, here's also a dragon I finished recently.

Dragon of the earth )

Drawing: This stuff, some LG, some fanart, need to do more boards...

Writing: Tiki room stuff

Days until BBS release: 81
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