23 October 2008 @ 10:33 am
Doesn't grow on trees  
New Lunargyros page went up on Tuesday. Check it out, if you do desire!

Yesterday I also updated my art website.

Thinking about the economy, here's a little something I found enlightening:

A few days ago we had Florian come and visit us for the night. Florian is a foreign exchange student we had when I was...eleven, I think? He's German, and a sweet, very smart guy. Anyways, I'm sure he and my parents got to talking about the election and the economy. And Florian basically said, "America is so concerned about how the government will ruin the economy. But in Europe, we have all kinds of governments...places that are really conservative, countries that are more democratic, and ones that are socialist. But their economies are all doing poorly. It doesn't matter whether you're living in a purely democratic or a socialist nation...the economy's the same across all of them right now."

The moral of the story? It's Not All About America. There is no Promised Land where the economy works all the time, and there is no one government that can solve a global economic slump. Whether or not we have money to send our kids to college or buy that new Plasma TV is not based on how high our taxes are. It's based on what resources we have. That's all every economy has come down to, since someone invented the idea of money in the first place.

Urf. I feel like talking more about politics more now, except I also don't wanna drag the whole blog down with my kind-of-strong opinions. D: It's sort of nice leaving that stuff out and just keeping things about art and geekery? But at the same time...yeah, it's KIIIIINDA important. Maybe I will.

Back at the geekery...I'm on Day Seven in TWEWY (Shiki's week). Poor Shiki! ;o; Nice to see Neku finally coming out of his shell and realizing that it's important to reach out to Shiki, too.

Drawing: Finished an LG page, and I need to work a bit on Imaginative Landscapes stuff again.

Writing: Epic thread for the U.S.S. Intrepid! /o/
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