23 December 2011 @ 01:51 pm
Closing Time  
Well, I never actually thought I'd get to this point, but like many others, I'm now leaving LiveJournal. Between the layout change, the frequent bugs, the inability to access important functions, the promised "improvements" in a later update, and most especially the dismal customer support and dismissal of legitimate concerns, I don't see much reason to give my money to LJ anymore, whether through paid accounts or ad revenue. So, I'm in the process of phasing out my LJ and moving the journal over to Dreamwidth now.

Regarding KHFFR, SOAS and KH_Het
Considering the fact that KHFFR has been dead on its feet for a long while now, I'm prepared to just turn off moderated members/posting and let it die a natural death. [ profile] princealia, [ profile] yume_no_kage, if you wanna discuss anything on that with me, then please do. But as for me personally, I have no real vested interest in keeping KHFFR going.

I am actually not the maintainer of Snakes on a Sora, and considering we haven't posted any new sporkings there in a long time, I imagine it will do as it always does and stay there for people to read. I'm not planning for any more sporkings there, though...right now any sporking interest is currently focused on It's Just A Game.

I'm not sure if there's really enough interest in KH_Het ([ profile] kh_het has always been a very slow community), but if people actually really want it, I'll be happy to set up a new comm for it on Dreamwidth. Otherwise, it'll do as Snakes on a Sora is doing and stay as is.

Regarding [ profile] itsjustagamerp
Don't worry, current and potential Jaggers! We'll be seeing how things go these next few days, and start on decision-making after Christmas. No matter what happens, the game isn't going poof...I've got way too much I want to do in it still for that! ;) But that'll get some discussion a bit later, and over at the actual iJAG comms. Right now, this post is mostly in regards to my personal journal.

I'll still be around a little bit longer as I try to import my entire journal over to Dreamwidth, which I'm sure will take a bit of time as I figure out how the new site works. But starting in 2012, I don't believe I'll be posting here any more. I don't want to lose touch with friends, though, so here's the other places you can keep up with me:

- I am LynxGriffin over on Dreamwidth now, of course!
- My Plurk is where I do most of my talking about ongoing life, work, RP and art things nowadays. My plurk is public and I do not mind people just watching but not friending.
- My DeviantART, where I post most of my artwork, especially fandom-related.
- My Facebook is primarily for friends, family and business contacts. Unlike other places, if I do not already know you there, you won't be added. I don't use my FB much.
- I am also considering getting a Tumblr, but I haven't much gotten around to it yet, and if I did, it'd likely just be for specific projects or art posts.

If you want to follow me, feel free to check those places, and if you're already there, feel free to add me! I'll also post here again when everything's fully moved over and I'm ready to keep on with my stream of LP videos, art and doodles. ;)

Hope everyone who celebrates it has a wonderful Christmas, too!
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