12 September 2008 @ 09:55 am
Thought Experiment  
I've neeeever done one of these memes before. First time for everything?! But since I lack a concrit post, this seems as good as anything. Hit me with crit!

«The ‡RP Concrit‡ Meme»

So last night, while every other channel on TV was showing stuff commemorating 9/11 and the World Trade Center, E! (being the very tasteful programming it is) was hosting a biography special on...Hugh Hefner. As I'm sitting there with my pop tarts for dinner, wondering why on earth I'm watching this, something odd occurred to me. You've got Hugh Hefner, this 70+ billionaire with all of these 20-something blonde chicks just swooning themselves over him or his money. But what if those roles were reversed? What if you had this 70+ billionaire of a sex magazine empire who was a woman, and she was surrounded by a harem of 20-something hot guys? I mused on this to one of my classmates also in the lounge, and he freaked out. I'm guessing most people would freak out at the thought, too.

Hence, thought experiment: WHY is it (vaguely) socially acceptable, perhaps even "cute," for an older man to be sexy and have young, hot chicks be interested in him, but the reverse situation of an older woman with young, hot men is considered so very reprehensible, or at the very least creepy and wrong? How come men have the potential to be "sexy" way into their senior years, whereas a woman's age limit for sexiness is almost always about half of that, if not less? Older men can jump back into dating perhaps after a failed marriage, but if a woman misses that chance while she's still young and beautiful, it's boo-hoo too bad for her? It seems...really odd, somehow.

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26 August 2008 @ 11:24 am
What are your thoughts on...  
New page for Lunargyros is up today! Blar transition pages. I am so behind on pages, arrgh. D:


I was thinking of making a fandom secret, except then I remembered that going anon makes me really uncomfortable, so I thought I'd just make a discussion out of it instead. (Maybe I'll make a discussion out of the whole anon idea later). I've been thinking about this idea of "elitism" in fandom (and consequently, I guess it's opposite of "fanbrattiness") and how the terms are thrown around a LOT. And probably in both cases they don't really apply as often as people think; it's almost to the point where it feels like fans have to be one or the other. I'm finding it especially weird how "elitism" has developed SUCH a negative connotation on it, when I'm not certain it was always that way. I suspect "fanbrat" has always had the negative connotation. :/

What makes someone (or something, like a community) "elitist" in fandom? What's the difference between being an elitist and just being a highly active member of a fandom? Why does it become such a bad thing to people? Does it have to do with what people perceive/expect from fandom BNFs? Is it the activities people engage in, or what pairings/story interests they talk and write about, or how they treat others? How is it all that different, or worse than, "fanbrattiness"? How does perceived fandom popularity link into being an elitist or a fanbrat? Once fandom at large has a perception of someone as either a fanbrat or an elitist, is it even possible to change their minds? Is it worth it?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts, flist and others! And you can work from whatever fandom you're most into, or even forget fandom completely and say how you think it works in The World At Large.

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