06 December 2010 @ 05:45 pm
Wish list and such  
JUST SO YOU KNOW: Cards have been sent! Hopefully they should get to everyone safely and in one piece.

Alrighty, I am posting my Christmas wish list for the purposes of anyone who wants to make use of it. Absolutely no one is required to get anything on here; times are tough after all and I do not want to make anyone feel like they need to spend money on me, 'cause you don't, really. This is solely for those that were planning on it and have the budget anyway, and would demand a list out of me. |D

Wish list )

Hopefully I'll have some arts to post later...workin' trying to get the last few things for this looong freelance thing done by the end of the week first.

Drawing: 10HAD, boooooooards

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26 November 2008 @ 12:44 pm
List with a twist...of list  
It's that time of year again, isn't it? :O It's Christmas wish list posting time!

I'm not really expecting anything from anyone, since I know this is both a tough holiday season for the wallet and for peoples' time. I think my mom mentioned a much smaller present pile this year, and putting money towards buying a family a cow, goat or llama from that program instead. I'm down with llamas.

As for others, about all I can offer up is arts or small things myself, but I'll try my best! So, all that said, my Christmas wish list of wishy-ness:

Under the cut )

I'll be gone tomorrow and most of Friday for Thanksgiving with the family. Don't think it's long enough to need to call hiatus from DC, but I won't have internets there. Probably will be back around Friday seems our Thanksgiving trips to see mom's side of the family keep getting shorter and shorter.

Hope everyone has a great and delicious Thanksgiving! :D

Drawing: Should really finish some Christmas card stuff before I get on IM. @_@

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30 November 2007 @ 07:44 am
Lists and lists  
Thank you, people at the Ranch, for starting to post Christmas lists! ♥ Since Rei asked that I do so, here is my Christmas wish list. Emphasis on the "wish" part, as pretty much everything on my list is too frecking expensive for anyone with any sense to buy with it. D: (Pretty much the same list I gave my parents, anyways...)

Wish list o' doom )

Meme time! Of the bunches of memes circulating, I decided to go with this one. :P Snagged this from both [ profile] princeali_m_fan and [ profile] yuukihikari:

An LJ meme about...LJ? )

I feel like I should do an art post soon, but I always forget what I have and haven't posted to here and to dA, and wonder if I'm repeating myself...

Drawing: Revisions on my Jack Lope story.

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21 November 2006 @ 02:32 pm
If Christmas wishes were Christmas fishes...  
For Lunargyros fans: there are not one but two new pages! (Finally fixed, geh. :P) Also, this marks the end of the all-free-all-the-time pages! While newest issues will always be free, any future back issues will be for subscribers only! So come on...subscribe and rec Lunargyros, and you get a free gift art from me! :D You know you want it!

And now, for the benefit of those I know:

It's a Christmas wish list! )

Okay, gotta run [ profile] yamikonumber7 to the airport. Here's hoping the 405 is kind today...

Drawing: Just pencilled another LG page and finished some doujin pages last night; will work more when I get back.

Writing: Not much different.
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