12 September 2008 @ 05:52 pm
Visit Calnavory! See the Loveli Trees!  
Well, I've got one more make-up class for this term. And it's tomorrow night, tomorrow being a Saturday. :/ Urrrgh. I have no clue why this is the case. But then I'll have a week off, and that is always goodness!

In the meanwhile...I have completed Digital Sets stuff! I tried to upload the actual animation, except the file's too big for Photobucket, and I really can't justify putting up something so small on YouTube. Feh. So, have some stills instead.

Pictures inside )

Also, this is something I forgot to post earlier. For another class, I had to create a personal portfolio site, I have my own site again!

Visit! It's got a lot of art, most of which people've probably already seen before, and I need to add more stuff to it. But at least I have a site!

The wolf spider still isn't done. Even solving the initial fur problems, I've run into new ones; and problems that would involve completely redoing the UVs. D: Uuuugh. DO NOT WANT.
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04 August 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Get thee to a schoolery  
Murf, not much of huge interest from me at the moment, so...schoolwork dump! Very small one. Also, my eyeballs hurt. D: I suspect it is because I have been staring at screens so much.

No I didn't forget about the LJ cut, what're you talking about )

YES. That's what I've been spending all my hours on. @_@ And now I'm gonna go read more V for Vendetta.

Drawing: Still not nearly enough. LG when I can.

Writing: RP.
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09 December 2007 @ 12:41 pm
Visual Structure Final Project  
Since this class is pretty much done (WOOT, today is the last day!) I thought I would share what's been eating up a bunch of my drawing time. A ton of this has been posted to dA a bunch already, so sorry if you've seen it once or twice, but I wanted it all condensed and with the actual story. :O

Basically, for this class, we had to plan out a story and show its visual development: the idea boards for research, sketches and color versions of both environments and characters, storyboards, and a color palette for the whole movie. Most everyone else in the class did their new take on 'Alice in Wonderland,' which resulted in some pretty cool visual stuff! I wanted to do my own story, so that's what was done! This is all the work I did for it over the term:

DIALUP BEWARE, this is very image-heavy! )

HOLY CRAP, that took awhile! *COLLAPSE* I'm glad I was able to get this story out in some way! At the very least, I had fun doing all of this work!
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